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MV Pacific Jewel

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Cruising out of Sydney & seasonally from other ports


Newly Refurbished in March 2018

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Introducing the Pacific Jewel:

When P&O Cruises announced that Pacific Dawn’s sister would join her in Australia, this created a great deal of excitement as Pacific Dawn had proven to be very popular cruise in Sydney. Her identical sister the Pacific Jewel was given a massive refit in Singapore, making what was a great ship an even better one! She was officially named by then Governor General of New South Wales, Quentin Bryce at Circular Quay in Sydney. Since arriving on our shores in 2009 the Pacific Jewel has proved to be a huge success!

This 70,000-tonne ship was built in Italy for Princess Cruises as the luxury Crown Princess in 1990 and like her identical sister, the Pacific Dawn, which was originally named the Regal Princess she was famed for their forward dolphin shaped design and superb Italian décor. Whilst Pacific Jewel has made her home in Sydney, the Pacific Dawn is now based in warm and sunny Brisbane, Queensland!

The main difference between the two ships is that the Pacific Dawn has “The Dome,” which is a huge and a wonderful lounge that becomes a nightclub late at night, whereas on the Pacific Jewel this space was turned into a two level super luxury “Aqua Spa” whilst she was with the Carnival German based AIDA Cruise Company. However, during her 2013 massive refit, in the Dome area, a new Library was installed, as well as a Lounge with a Bar on the portside of the Dome and this area will also be the ships nightclub! Thus P&O has made an effort to partially remedy what has always been a big shortcoming of the Pacific Jewel, but sadly it will never have the sheer beauty and the grandeur of “The Dome” on the Pacific Dawn”! However, Pacific Jewel does have other features that are not found on her sister and you will discover some of these on this page.

*News Update March 2018:

Pacific Jewel a dry dock in Sydney for a 10-day refurbishment of her public spaces and other venues in March 2018. These updates will bring a fresh and modern look that is in keeping with the new style which P&O has become well known for in recent years, as was introduced with the arrival of the Pacific Aria and Pacific EdenWhen completed, the Pacific Jewel will have new and exciting looking venues as can be discovered as we see the ships updated venues below.

Please Note: Images and the descriptions below with an * are the new refurbished venues or facilities! The ships Deck Plan can be found on Page Two.

Now it is time to board the Pacific Jewel and this fine P&O cruise ship - the magnificent MV Pacific Jewel.

MV Pacific Jewel is seen departing the ex Darling Harbour Cruise Terminal in Sydney & heading off for another cruise!

I will commence from the lower deck and commence from forward of the ship and head aft, then go up one deck and repeat the procedure.

Decks 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8:

Forward on Deck 2 on the port side you will find the teenager’s facilities HQ, being for 11 to 14 years, and HQ+ for 15 to 17 years. These facilities offer a vast variety of computer games and other items for their entertainment! Whereas up on Deck 14 aft is Turtle Cove for the little ones from 2 to 6 years, and Shark Shack from 7 to 10 years. Besides the facilities in these venues, there are also over 12 other activities organised around the ship by the highly trained staff! Also down on Deck 2, but on the starboard side is the Photographic “Expressions Studio” where specialised portraits are taken, by appointment only.

On Deck 4 the only facility there is one you really don’t want to visit during your cruise and that is the ships doctor at the Medical facility and hospital!

Deck 5 is much more exciting, as besides all the cabins, it is also the location for the lower level of the just refurbished (March 2018) Atrium. It has a superb lounge feel and there is a fine Barista Coffee and Bar, as well as the reception and three shops, including Pandora’s!

*NEW - The Atrium has been completely refurbished and it now has a superb Lounge and Bar area.

Sadly the middle level has lost the shops on both sides and there are now cabins.

Whilst the upper level features the Mix Bar and shopping centre

Although the Atrium rises through Deck 6, but sadly during her conversion, they removed the shops that were along the port and starboard side and in its place added further cabins and walls to separate it from the Atrium, which was so sad. This was not done with her identical sister the Pacific Dawn!

With the Marquee Showroom being far forward on Deck 7 and its is up balcony on Deck 8. The shows on every P&O ships is simply amazing and of the highest standard!

Far forward is the multi level Marquee Theatre-Showroom is located on Decks 7 & 8


It’s Showtime in the Marquee Showroom

Leaving the Marquee Theatre and heading aft to the top level of the Atrium on Deck 7, you will find Duty Free shops on both sides as well as tables and chairs surrounding the Atrium railing. Forward is the popular highly specialised Bar the “MIX.”

Aft on top of the atrium is the all-new and exciting blue “Mix” Bar

Although first you would reach the top level of the Atrium and the shopping Gallery and the MIX Bar, then passing the mid ships lobby and lifts you now reach the the magnificent NEW Connexions Lounge and Bar that stretches right across the ship, although originally there was ma passageway on either side, which is still there on her sister the Pacific Dawn! Just aft of Connexions

Just aft of Connexions is the more intimate and darker themed Orient Lounge and Bar, both of these loungers are also popular music venues.

* New - The New delightfully Connextions Lounge and Bar is light and bright, yet a more relaxing venue


*New - The all New “Orient” Lounge and Bar is a far superior venue!

In the passageway aft, you will find the Photo and Video shop as well as the Photo Gallery and Tech shop. This is followed by the aft lobby and lifts and then come the superb Waterfront Restaurant that has an open sitting policy! 

The glamorous “Waterfront Restaurant,” in reality it looks even better!


Why not do some wine tasting in the highly specialised Wine Room located close by the Restaurant

Deck 9:

Out on the aft eck is the more and more popular activity of lawn bowls, which has the game running accros the ship. This is a new game added, as it has proven to be very popular on the other ships!

*New - Lawn Bowls aft on Deck 9

Deck 10

Far aft out on deck is the Adults only “Oasis” and its private luxury Bar. This is the ideal place to head for some peace and tranquillity, especially during school holiday cruises! But, it is perfect at any time, as the aft views overlooking the stern and the wake of the ship is simply beautiful, and the service at the Oasis is sublime! Highly recommended!

*New - On the aft deck is the all Newly refurbished Adults Only “Oasis” the perfect place to get away from the crowd!


The luxurious Oasis Bar

Deck 12 – Lido Deck

*New - On the portside you will discover the newly renovated Pool Café offering some of the great delights we love!

Go and enjoy a superbly made Barista Coffee or a fine Tea, or why not a hot Chocolate, as well as the othr goodies to be had!



Above & below: Then on the starboard side is the famous super chef, Luke Mangan’s “Salt Grill”

I personally highly recommend a meal at this superb restaurant!

But book early as it books out very much in the first two days!



 The new LED Movie screen is located up high far forward on Deck 14



Above & below: Overlooking the Lido Deck with 2 pools & Jacuzzis and the amidships Circus performing area


Overlooking the pool deck and the amidships Circus performing area

October 10, 2013: During her recent refit, Pacific Jewel received a host of new twenty activities that could well be called living Life on the “P&O-Edge.” This program includes activities such as high rope swings, laser tag, slack lines, Segway obstacle courses and a flying fox that flies over the two swimming pools, there are funnel climbs and other events, all specifically designed to make use of the ship’s existing architecture. And already they have been a hit with the young, and the young at heart!

The flying fox is a popular ride!


One of the night-time circus performances

The Pantry:

Aft is “The Pantry” which has become very popular since its introduction some years ago on Pacific Aria and Eden and other P&O ships, for it is more like a shopping centre food court, except you do not have to pay! There is a vast range of cuisine available, from good old Fish & Chips served in a basket lined with an special created newspaper, A superb Grill, Asian, Indian, Vegetarian and even Vegan food is available, there is a Sandwich Bar and so many other options, and yes you van mix and match, do whatever you want! The biggest difference with “The Pantry” and the old fashioned buffet is that all food will be served up by the staff, and passengers hands stay far away from the food, unlike in the buffet. Sadly people tend to forget to wash their hands, and as we have heard, illness can break out on a ship, and then the ship or company is blamed. The truth is, that it is always dirty passenger hands that has been to blame, believe me, I have been on well over 200 cruises, and what I have seen is shocking, it is for that reason I never dine in a buffet, for I like to stay healthy thank you, but I do dine in a delightfully clean “The Panty”, and It has proven to be wonderful!

Far aft is The Pantry a very popular place to dine for breakfast, lunch or diner!

In fact anytime really and there is coffee on tap all day as well!

Shell & Bones and the Grill:

The amazing “Shell & Bones Restaurant” has arrived on board the Pacific Jewel in March 2018. It is located on the starboard side forward of the Pantry and it’s décor is simply beautiful! The two photographs below will show this venue during the daylight and when dark at night, as it is only open for dinner. Thgis is the venue where you can enjoy some seriously fresh seafood, or take your pick directly from the Grill. There is a host of seafood favourites available, thus make sure you book well in advance for it is a worthwhile optional venue!


*New - Above & below: The brand new “Shell & Bones Restaurant” is seen during the day and at night



“The Grill” a great place for fine Steaks and Seafood!

Deck 14:

Far forward is the “Dome” that contains a very large “Aqua Health Spa & Fitness Center on two levels as well as a Beauty and Hairdressing Salon! Whilst on the portside there is the all new, although small Library and a spacious Lounge and bar with a dance floor. During the day, this will be a nice place to relax, and at night it becomes the Night Club and Disco!

This is the brand new “The Dome” Lounge and Bar a cosy veny with a fine view!


One of the treatment room in the glamorous Aqua Health Spa


Here we see the spacious Gym and Fitness Centre


The Pacific Jewel is seen anchored off the beach at Lifou New Caledonia


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Pacific Jewel Facilities and Statistics

Passenger facilities

Spacious and modern profile which includes:

A stunning 1300m˛ ocean-view spa and gym

Three-storey atrium foyer and an open-air deck aerial stage

Five restaurants and eight bars

Two swimming pools and two whirlpool spas

Casino, children’s centres, internet café, hair and beauty salon, and a medical centre. 

Passenger cabins

832 cabins including:

198 cabins with private balcony

628 outside cabins

197 standard inside cabins

Vital Statistics

1,950 passengers

11 decks

245m in length

70,310 tonnes

Max Speed: 20 knots

Pacific Jewel’s Fun Facts and Figures

Pacific Jewel’s Spa and Fitness centre, at 14,000 square feet, covers more area that an Olympic-sized swimming pool. 

With a distance from bow to stern of 245m, Pacific Jewel is the length of almost 2 ˝  football fields.

At 70,310 tonnes, Pacific Jewel’s gross registered tonnage is more than 58,000 new Volkswagen “Beetle” cars.


Pacific Jewel departs Sydney for another Pacific Cruise


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