Silversea Luxury 6 Star Cruises

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The Luxury 6 Star Ships of SILVERSEA 

MV Silver Cloud, Silver Wind, Silver Shadow

Silver Whisper, Silver Spirit & soon the MV Silver Muse

This feature covers one of the most amazing and certainly the most brilliant Boutique Cruise Companies that has ever been established, as it has been rated an amazing 6 to 6 Stars by the best-known professional Cruise Reviewers worldwide!

I trust that you will enjoy discovering the elegant cruise ships as I firmly believe that Silversea has without a doubt the finest luxury cruise ships sailing the Seven Seas today!

Reuben Goossens.

Maritime Historian, Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer, Author & Lecturer.

Commenced in the Passenger Shipping Industry in 1960.

An Overview of Silversea Cruises:

Silversea was created in the early 1990’s by the famed Italian Vlasov family who established the legendary Sitmar Lines that operated an extensive fleet of passenger liners, but later they became best known for their luxury cruises in the USA, offiring sublime service and the very best ultimate cuisine at sea! In addition to designing and building some of the most magnificent cruise ships ever designed and amazinly all of which continue to sail to this day with Princess Cruises or P&O around the globe.

Silversea Cruises operates five luxury cruise ships with another to follow in 2017 as well as two luxury small expedition ships, every ship having been built to the highest of standards and safety regulation and with service, dining and itineraries that other cruise companies would love to be able to match! With Silversea you will never find anything showy, nor dramatic architectural features, or an overabundance of detail and there is certainly no glitz or huge ugly atriums like on traditions cruise ships. Not on a Silversea ship for it is all very refined and based on a very high standard of luxury, thus everything is quiet, refined and precise!

MV Silver Shadow is seen berthed at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney, Australia

Ships accommodate between 296 and 540 guests, thus the company’s five ships are the perfect size for luxury and they are not so big that crowds ever form, yet not so small that you ever feel obligated to socialize if you do not wish to. The luxury cruise operator also has three expedition vessels, the Silver Explorer Silver Discoverer, Silver Galapagos and in 2017 the Silver Cloud Expedition after she has received her special refit. They sail to the Arctic and Antarctic, the Galapagos and other exotic ports.

MV Silver Explorer seen whilst at anchor in Antarctica

An Introduction to Silversea Cruising and their Ships:

Silversea Cruises offer elegant, spacious and luxurious ships that have delightfully intimate surroundings and offer nothing less than six star deluxe service with a welcoming atmosphere aboard. The vast majority of the all suite accommodations on board have a private teak veranda, with the balance of suite having a spacious window.

When on a Silversea cruise, wines and drinks are included in the cost, the only exception being the high range specialty wines and champagnes and some connoisseur liqueurs. In addition, the company operates a “no tipping” policy and they make special mention that any other private tipping is discouraged! For dinning open seating operates throughout the ship in their various restaurants in addition you may also dine in your suite as there is a 24-hour room service available as well as a butler service.

MV Silver Wind one of the smaller and more intimate ships

The first Silversea sips were the Silver Wind 17,400-ton accommodation 296 guests with a crew of 222. And the 16,800-ton Silver Cloud accommodates 229 guests with a crew of 222. These two delightful ships became much loved by so many as they offered the ultimate in luxury and comfort; they were both comprehensively refurbished in 2013. These two ships are located on Page Four.

Then there are the two somewhat larger ships, but they retain that intimate feeling due to their unique Italian design and excellent craftsmanship. The Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper are both 28,258 tons and yet for their size they accommodate just 382 guests with a crew of 302 to tend to their guests. These two ships are located on Page Three.

Finally, there are the two newest additions to the fleet being 1 the current largest ship at 36,000-ton MV Silver Spirit. But in spite of her size she accommodates just 540 guests with 376 crewmembers. Just like on the last ships, the vast majority of suites have a private balcony and the public areas are simply superb as the photo album will prove! Then arriving in 2017 is the 40,700-ton Silver Muse that has accommodations for just 596 guests and a crew of 411. These two ships are located on Page two.

MV Silver Spirit berthed at the Brisbane Portside International Cruise Terminal on March 4, 2011

Photograph by & John Wilson

The newest addition to the fleet is due to arrive soon early 2017 and that is the magnificent 40,700-tons MV Silver Muse, which will add additional features and dinning options to expand the taste buds! This fine ship accommodating just 596 guests in sheer luxury will redefine ultra-luxury ocean travel!

An artist impression of the super luxurious MV Silver Muse

In addition, Silversea also operates three Explorer vessels, one of these being the 6,072 ton MV Silver Explorer accommodation just 132 guests and she is a unique and luxurious small expedition ship that explores spectacular regions of the globe where other ships just cannot go, including Antarctica and other exotic destinations! In addition there are two other vessels the MV Silver Discoverer and the Silver Galapagos. However joining them in 2017 will be the Silver Cloud Expedition after she will have had an extensive refit. Although I have not included much detail on these ships, I will be adding something more regarding the Silver Cloud’s transfer to the Expedition fleet on her page! But see your cruise specialist for full information as these small ships offer some of the most exciting destinations possible, but you will visit them in the same comforts and style as on any of the super deluxe Silversea ships!

Please Note: I am sorry, but the Expedion ships interior are not covered in this Silversea feature!

MV Silver Explorer seen whilst at anchor in Antarctica

Dining on a Silversea ship!

Apart from the luxurious main Restaurant for evening dining and there are no reservation required, there is “La Terraza” for a more casual option during the day, this venue is transformed into an elegant a la carte Italian Restaurant in an evening offering both inside and exterior seating (when appropriate); by reservation for dinner. There is a select small speciality venue, the only wine restaurant by “Relais and Ch?teaux” at sea, called “Le Champagne” on the Shadow, Whisper and Spirit and “Saletta” on the Cloud and Wind; a per guest registration fee applies if selected. Two new restaurants is unique to the Silver Spirit; “Seishin” is an Asian fusion venue, and “Stars Supper Club” has a very relaxed atmosphere offering cocktails, dinner at a most relaxed and leisurely pace with live music and dancing lasting into the night.

If you enjoy dining outdoors Silversea has also added the popular “Hot Rock” Grill concept to its fleet. It was first introduced on the Silver Spirit by the Pool Grill area; you can grill your own meat or seafood on volcanic stones which is scrupulously hot. This concept has proved to be very popular.

What does Silversea have to offer:

All Inclusive Value.

All Ocean-View Suite Accommodation - most with Private Verandah.

Complimentary Beverages served throughout the ship.

In-Suite beverage cabinet stocked with your preferred assortment of drinks.

Gratuities Included and none are expected.

Open seating Dining.

Complimentary in Suite Dining and 24-Hour Room Service.

Complimentary Silversea Experience - an exclusive shoreside event on selected voyages.

Entertainment and Enrichment Programme.

Complimentary transportation into town at most ports of call.

The Highest Rating Fleet and Recommendations!

For those who are connoisseurs of cruise vacations, be assured that Silversea’s award-wining fleet offers intimate, sophisticated luxury cruising to all corners of the world, and you will return relaxed and looking forward to sailing with one of the Silver ships again in the future. As a Maritime Historian and Cruise and Ship Reviewer who commenced in the Passenger Shipping Industry in 1960 I can assure you that Silversea operates the finest fleet of ships in the world and they are 6+ Stars rated, for this is a company that has a heritage that goes back to 1934.

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Please Note: Cruise-Australia and its associated pages are 100% non-commercial and privately owned cruise sites and are NOT associated with any cruise company or travel agency! Although the author has been in the passenger shipping industry since 1960 and is currently semi-retired, but continues to write cruise and ship reviews and articles in order to better to inform cruise and ship enthusiasts and provide information for those intending a cruise in the future.

Reuben Goossens.

My recommendation: I highly suggest that you visit a good and a long established Travel/Cruise Agency for information, bookings and obtain the best possible cruise fares. Personally I never book with any cruise company direct, for they do not offer any personal service or discounts! I know that they do not like me saying this, but I have to be honest and provide you my readers with the very best possible advice! Reuben Goossens.


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