Cruise Ship Locations based on May 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Cruise Ship Locations as of May 2020

Please Note: I will update locations every now & then

During this time of COVID-19 we are well aware that all Cruise Companies have temporarily suspended operations, until it is safe to resume once again!

It is for this reason that cruise ships have been laid up around the globe, as shown below, and many ships are also involved in crew repatriation operations. This has seen ships meet with transfers of crews between these ships via tenders. Some ships are actually berthed in various ports, or just outside where they are at anchor.

My personal favourite Holland America Line ship, the ms Amsterdam is seen berthed at Curacao

Photograph with thanks & Mr. F. Claessen

It stands to reason, I order to keep ships fully functional, those ships that are berthed or at anchor must occasionally make short voyages in order to give the ships propulsion machinery a good run for maintenance purposes, after which they will return to their berths or anchorages.

P&O Cruises Australia MV Pacific Adventure hopes to be back soon

Photograph provided by P&O Cruises

It is well known that some Port Authorities impose sudden changed border quarantine controls, and therefore destinations will at times be suddenly changed.

Notes: N = North, S = South, W = West and E = East. You will find these on their own or in groups as SW, SE, NW, ESE etc, being south west, south east, north west & east south east, and so on. ETA = Estimated Time (date) of Arrival.

ETA’s are mostly based on May, others are shown if in June, etc.

Reuben Goossens.

An Alphabetical List of Cruise Ships:

Adventure of the Seas Drifting of Coco Bay

Aegean Paradise Anchored of Singapore ( & Johore)

AIDAaura Anchored Visby

AIDAbella Drifting of Gibraltar

AIDAblu Berthed Hamburg

AIDAcara Anchored E of Visby

Aidacosma Newbuilding

AIDAdiva Anchored S of Skagen

AIDAluna Anchored Bridgetown

AIDAmar Berthed Hamburg

AIDAmira Drifting S of Teneriffe

AIDAnova Berthed Teneriffe

AIDAperla Berthed Hamburg

AIDAprima Bound for Singapore ETA 30th

AIDAsol Berthed Marseille

AIDAstella Berthed at Las Palmas

AIDAvita Berthed Dubai

Akademik Shokalskiy Berthed Slavyanka

Albatros Berthed Emden

Allure of the Seas Drifting SW of Huelva

Amadea Berthed Bremerhaven

Amera (ex-Prinsendam) Berthed Emden

Amsterdam Drifting W of Manila Bay

Amusement World Berthed Pasir Gudang shipyard, Singapore

Anthem of the Seas Bound for Gibraltar ETA 24th

Aranui 5 Berthed Papeete

Arcadia Anchored of Portland, Weymouth Bay

Arethusa Berthed at Mali Losinj, S of Rijeka

Artania Heading for Suez

Artemis Berthed Split

Astor Berthed Bremen

Astoria Berthed Tilbury

Asuka II Berthed Yokohama

Aqua Blu Berthed Singapore shipyard

Aurora Anchored of Portland, Weymouth Bay

Azamara Journey Anchored W of Labuan

Azamara Pursuit Anchored Great Stirrup Cay

Azamara Quest Berthed Abu Dhabi

Azura Anchored Weymouth Bay

Balmoral Anchored Aberlady Bay, Firth of Forth

Bergensfjord (Pass/roro) Berthed Hirtshals

Berlin Drifting SE of Ceuta

Black Watch Anchored Aberlady Bay, Firth of Forth

Boudicca Anchored Aberlady Bay, Firth of Forth

Braemer Anchored Aberlady Bay, Firth of Forth

Bremen Sailing towards Germany

Brilliance of the Seas Anchored at Little Stirrup Cay

Britannia Anchored near Southampton

Caledonian Sky Anchored Manila Bay

Caribbean Princess Anchored Grenada

Carnival Breeze Drifting of Cadiz

Carnival Conquest Bound for port Elizabeth ETA 25th

Carnival Dream Bound for port Elizabeth ETA 25th

Carnival Elation Anchored at Little Stirrup Cay

Carnival Ecstasy Bound for Port Elizabeth ETA 24th

Carnival Fantasy Anchored at Little Stirrup Cay

Carnival Fascination Bound for Durban ETA 27th

Carnival Freedom NE of Barbados, heading NE

Carnival Glory Moored at Cozumel

Carnival Horizon Anchored at Little Stirrup Cay

Carnival Imagination Anchored S of Panama Canal

Carnival Inspiration Anchored S of Panama Canal

Carnival Legend NW of Key West, heading NE

Carnival Liberty Bound for Port Elizabeth ETA 25th

Carnival Magic Drifting of Dubrovnik

Carnival Mardi Gras (Newbuilding)

Carnival Miracle Anchored S of Panama Canal

Carnival Panorama Drifting W of Manila Bay

Carnival Paradise Anchored at Little Stirrup Cay

Carnival Pride Anchored at Little Stirrup Cay

Carnival Radiance Berthed Cadiz

Carnival Sensation Anchored at Little Stirrup Cay

Carnival Splendor Drifting W of Manila Bay

Carnival Spirit Drifting W of Manila Bay

Carnival Sunrise LITTLE STIRRUP CAY Straits of Florida

Carnival Sunshine Anchored of Charleston

Carnival Valor Drifting N of Barbados

Carnival Vista SE of Miami, heading SE

Caribbean Princess Anchored W of Barbados

Celebrity Apex (Newbuilding)

Celebrity Constellation Anchored SW of Lavrion

Celebrity Eclipse Moored San Diego

Celebrity Edge Berthed Miami

Celebrity Equinox NE of Miami, heading NE

Celebrity Infinity Anchored of Ponta Delgada

Celebrity Millennium Anchored of San Diego

Celebrity Reflection Anchored Great Stirrup Cay

Celebrity Silhouette Anchored W Great Stirrup Cay

Celebrity Solstice Anchored W of Manila Bay

Celebrity Summit Anchored of Coco Bay

Celestyal Crystal Berthed Piraeus

Celestyal Nefeli Berthed Piraeus

Clio Anchored of Gibraltar

Club Med 2 Berthed Toulon

Color Fantasy (cruise ferry) Berthed Oslo

Color Hybrid (cruise ferry) Berthed Sandefjord

Color Magic (cruise ferry) Berthed Oslo

Color Viking (cruise ferry) Berthed Sandefjord

Columbus Berthed Tilbury river berth

Coral Adventurer Berthed Cairns

Coral Discovery Berthed Cairns

Coral Expedition Berthed Cairns

Coral Expedition II Berthed Cairns

Coral Princess Moored Curacao

Corinthian Anchored Teneriffe

Costa Atlantica Berthed Nagasaki

Costa Classica Anchored Freeport

Costa Deliziosa Berthed Genoa

Costa Diadema Berthed Piombino, Italy

Costa Fascinosa Berthed Santos, Brazil

Costa Favolosa Berthed Taranto

Costa Firenze Newbuilding

Costa Fortuna Berthed Brindisi

Costa Luminosa Berthed Savona

Costa Magica Berthed Ancona

Costa Mediterranea Bound fo Port Sultan Qaboos ETA 27th

Costa neoRomantica Anchored W of Manila Bay

Costa Pacifica Berthed at La Spezia

Costa Serena Anchored W of Manila Bay

Costa Smeralda Berthed Marseille

Costa Toscana Newbuilding

Costa Venezia Anchored W of Manila Bay

Costa Victoria Berthed Civitavecchia

Crown Iris Berthed Chalkida, Greece

Crown Princess Berthed Cape Town

Crystal Endeavour Newbuilding

Crystal Esprit Berthed Dubrovnik

Crystal Serenity Anchored of Port Klang

Crystal Symphony Anchored of Port Klang

Deutschland At Puttgarden

Diamond Princess Bound for Port Klang

Discovery Princess Newbuilding

Disney Dream Berthed Port Canaveral

Disney Fantasy Anchored Cozumel, Mexico

Disney Magic Moored at Dover

Disney Wish (Newbuilding)

Disney Wonder Anchored W of San Diego

Emerald Princess Anchored of Bridgetown

Emerald Radiance Berthed Leixoes

Empress of the Seas Anchored NE of Miami

Enchanted Princess Building at Monfalcone shipyard

Enchantment of the Seas Anchored Great Stirrup Cay

Eurodam Anchored W of Manila Bay

Europa Berthed Hamburg

Europa 2 Berthed Hamburg

Expedition Anchored SW River Plate

Explorer Dream Anchored W of Manila Bay

Explorer of the Seas Berthed Bridgetown, Barbados

Finnmarken Berthed Tronheim

Fram At Fiskarstrand

Freedom of the Seas Anchored at Coco Bay

Fridtjof Nansen Berthed Ulsteinvik shipyard

Fuji Maru Berthed Tokyo

Funchal Laid up Lisbon

Galapagos Legend Berthed Guayaquil

Genting Dream Anchored Lankawi

Global Dream (Newbuilding)

Glory Sea Berthed Shanghai

Grand Classica Bound for Freeport

Grand Celebration Berthed Palm Beach

Grand Princess Anchored Puerto Vallarta

Grandeur of the Seas Anchored at Coco Bay

Greg Mortimer Anchored of Montevideo

Hamburg Berthed Hamburg

Harmony of the Seas Anchored Coco Cay

Harmony V Berthed Pireaus

Hanseatic Inspiration Berthed Hamburg

Hanseatic Nature Berthed Hamburg

Hebridean Princess Berthed Greenock

Hebridean Sky Bound for Las Palmas ETA 30th

Hondius Berthed Vlissingen

Horizon Berthed Dubai

Independence of the Seas Drifting of Fort Lauderdale

Insignia Berthed Port Canaveral

Iona Berthed Bremerhaven

Island Sky Moored at Helsingborg

Island Princess Bound for Mumbai ETA June 2nd

Jacques Cartier (Newbuilding)

Jewel of the Seas Drifting NE of Gibraltar

Karnika Anchored of Mumbai

Knyaz Vladimir Berthed Sochi

Kong Harald Berthed Sortland

Koningsdam Berthed Puerto Vallarta

L’Austral Berthed Marseille

Le Bellot Berthed Tomra

Le Boreal Berthed Marseille

Le Bougainville Anchored Richards Bay

Le Champlain Berthed St. Malo

Le Commandant Charcot (Newbuilding

Le Dumont d’Urville Berthed St. Malo

Le Laperouse Anchored Mata Utu

Le Lyrial Berthed Marseille

Le Soleal Berthed Papeete

Leisure World Anchored Penang

Les Belles des Oceans Berthed Trogir (Croatia)

Liberty of the Seas Anchored Port Evergaldes

Lofoten Berthed Hammerfest

Maasdam Anchored W of Manila Bay

Magellan Berthed Tilbury

Magellan Explorer Anchored Puerto Montt

Majestic Princess Anchored W of Manila Bay

Majesty of the Seas Anchored E of Miami

Marella Celebration Anchored SE of the Isle of Wight

Marella Discovery Bound for Las Palmas ETA 25th

Marella Discovery 2 Anchored SE of Brading, Isle of Wight

Marella Dream Anchored ESE of Ceuta

Marella Explorer At Southampton

Marella Explorer 2 At Southampton

Marco Polo Berthed Avonmouth

Marina Berthed Miami

Mariner of the Seas S of Freeport, heading E

Mein Schiff 1 Anchored S of Teneriffe

Mein Schiff 2 Anchored S of Teneriffe

Mein Schiff 3 Berthed Cuxhaven

Mein Schiff 4 Berthed Bremerhaven

Mein Schiff 5 Anchored SW of Spetses Island

Mein Schiff 6 Anchored NW of Bremerhaven

Mein Schiff Herz Anchored Teneriffe

Midnatsol Berthed Molde

Minerva Berthed Eleusis, Piraeus

Monarch Berthed Colon

MSC Armonia Anchored Ocean Cay, SE of Miami

MSC Bellissima Moored of Dubai

MSC Divina Berthed Miami

MSC Europa (Newbuilding)

MSC Fantasia Berthed Lisbon

MSC Grandiosa Berthed Civitavecchia, Italy

MSC Lirica Berthed Dubai

MSC Magnifica Berthed Marseille

MSC Meraviglia Anchored Ocean Cay, SE of Miami

MSC Musica Berthed Santos

MSC Poesia Berthed Santos

MSC Orchestra Anchored N of Durban

MSC Preziosa Anchored Ocean Cay, SE of Miami

MSC Seaside Anchored Ocean Cay, SE of Miami

MSC Seaview Anchored Santos

MSC Sinfonia Berthed Salvador de Bahia

MSC Splendida Berthed Genoa

MSC Virtuosa (Newbuilding)

National Geographic Endurance Berthed Ulsteinvik

National Geographic Explorer Anchored of Frederikshavn

National Geographic Orion Anchored Los Angeles

National Geographic Venture Berthed Oakland, San Francisco

Nautica Bound for Port Said ETA 22nd

Navigator of the Seas NE of Miami, heading NE

Nieuw Amsterdam Bound Jakarta ETA 28th

Nieuw Statendam Anchored N of The Hague

Nippon Maru Berthed Yokohama

Noordam Anchored W of Manila Bay

Nordkapp Berthed Alesund

Nordlys Berthed Alesund

Nordnorge Berthed Hammerfest

Nordstjernen Berthed Kopervik

Norwegian Bliss Berthed Norfolk, Virginia

Norwegian Breakaway Moored at Barcelona

Norwegian Dawn Anchored Port Canaveral

Norwegian Encore Berthed Norfolk, Virginia.

Norwegian Epic Berthed Miami

Norwegian Escape Berthed Miami

Norwegian Gem Berthed Jacksonville

Norwegian Getaway Bound for Marseille ETA 25th

Norwegian Jade Bound for Suez ETA 23rd

Norwegian Jewel Berthed Oakland, San Francisco

Norwegian Joy Berthed Los Angeles

Norwegian Pearl Anchored Jacksonville

Norwegian Sky Berthed Jacksonville

Norwegian Spirit Berthed Norfolk,Virginia

Norwegian Star Berthed Southampton

Norwegian Sun Anchored Port Canaveral

Oasis of the Seas Anchored Great Stirrup Cay

Ocean Adventurer Berthed Teneriffe

Ocean Atlantic Berthed Las Palmas

Ocean Diamond Berthed Portsmouth

Ocean Dream Berthed Hiroshima

Ocean Endeavour Moored at Las Palmas

Oceana Berthed Dover

Ocean Nova Berthed Teneriffe

Oceania Nautica Berthed Dubai

Odyssey of the Seas (Newbuilding)

Oosterdam At Los Angeles

Oslofjord (Pass/ro-ro) Berthed Sandefjord

Orient Queen Anchored Red Sea, W of Umluj

Oriental Dragon Anchored Penang

Ortelius Berthed Hansweert, Vlissingen.

Otto Sverdrup Berthed Trondheim

Ovation of the Seas Anchored W of Manila Bay

Pacific Adventure Anchored W of Manila,Bay

Pacific Aria Anchored W of Manila Bay

Pacific Dawn Anchored W of Manila Bay.

Pacific Explorer Anchored W of Manila Bay

Pacific Princess Anchored W of Manila Bay

Pacific Venus Berthed Osaka

Panorama Anchored of Glyfada, SE of Piraeus

Panorama 2 Anchored Singapore

Paul Gauguin Berthed Papeete

Pearl Mist Berthed Norfolk, Virginia

Piano Land (ex-Oriana) Berthed Xiamen

Plancius Berthed Vlissingen

Polarlys Berthed Sortland

Pride of America Berthed Honolulu

Pride of Burgundy Berthed Leith (passenger/ro-ro)

Pride of Canterbury Berthed Leith (passenger/ro-ro)

Professor Khromov Berthed Vladivostok

Professor Molchanov Berthed Arkhangelsk

Professor Multanovskiy Berthed Vladivostok

Quantum of the Seas Anchored W of Manila Bay

Queen Elizabeth Anchored W of Manila Bay

Queen Mary 2 Bound for Portland, Weymouth Bay

Queen Victoria Berthed Southampton

Radiance of the Seas Anchored NE of Singapore Strait

RCGS Resolute Berthed Curacao

Regal Princess Anchored of Scheveningen, the Netherlands

Regatta Berthed Oakland, San Francisco

Rhapsody of the Seas Anchored Great Stirrup Cay

Richard With Located at Bodo

Riviera Berthed Miami

Roald Amundsen Bound for Bergen ETA 28th

Rotterdam Moored at Cape Town

Royal Clipper (sail) Berthed Lisbon

Royal Princess Anchored W of Manila Bay (South China Sea)

Ruby Princess Anchored W of Manila Bay

Safari Endeavour Berthed Seattle

Safari Explorer Berthed Kapolei, Honolulu

Saga Sapphire Berthed Tilbury

Sapphire Princess Drifting W of Manila Bay

Scarlet Lady Anchored Miami

Scenic Eclipse Moored at Rijeka, Croatia

Sea Cloud Berthed Las Palmas

Sea Cloud II Berthed Las Palmas

Sea Cloud Spirit (Newbuilding)

Sea Dream 1 at Alesund

Sea Dream II Berthed Lisbon

Sea Endurance Berthed Burfjord

Sea Princess Anchored W of Manila Bay

Sea Spirit Berthed Las Palmas

Seabourn Encore Anchored of Spetses Island, Greece

Seabourn Odyssey Anchored Bridgetown

Seabourn Ovation At Scheveningen the Netherlands

Seabourn Quest Anchored of Limassol

Seabourn Sojourn NW of Puerto Vallarta, heading NW

Seabourn Venture (Newbuilding)

Serenade of the Seas Anchored W of Barbados

Serenissima Berthed Trogir (Croatia)

Seven Seas Explorer Berthed Amelia Is, N of Jacksonville

Seven Seas Mariner Berthed Oakland, San Francisco

Seven Seas Navigator At Barcelona

Seven Seas Splendor Berthed Puerto Vallarta

Seven Seas Voyager Moving, currently S in the Red Sea

Silver Cloud Anchored SE of Brading, Isle of Wight

Silver Dawn (Newbuilding)

Silver Explorer S of Panama Canal, heading S

Silver Moon Berthed Ancona

Silver Muse Anchored of Panama Canal

Silver Origin Berthed Rotterdam

Silver Shadow Arrived at Marseille

Silver Spirit Berthed Southampton

Silver Whisper Arrived at Marseille

Silver Wind Arrived at Marseille

Sirena Berthed Miami

Sky Princess Bound for Limassol ETA the 23rd

Sovereign Berthed Malaga

Spectrum of the Seas Bound for Shanghai ETA the 29th

Spirit of Adventure (Newbuilding)

Spirit of Discovery Berthed Tilbury

Spitsbergen Berthed Fiskarstrand

Star Breeze Berthed Palermo shipyard

Star Clipper Anchored of Patong Beach, Phuket

Star Flyer At Piraeus

Star Legend Berthed Palermo shipyard

Star Pisces Anchored Hong Kong

Star Pride Berthed Lisbon

Star Princess Bound for Panama ETA 22nd

Stella Australis Anchored Punta Arenas

Stena Saga (cruise ferry) Berthed Uddevalla

Symphony of the Seas Anchored Great Stirrup Cay

Sun Princess Anchored W of Manila Bay

Superstar Aquarius Berthed Singapore

Superstar Gemini Berthed Singapore

Superstar Libra Berthed Wismar

The Taipan Anchored Penang

The World Bound Falmouth ETA 25th

Trollfjord Berthed Tromso

Ushuaia Anchored Mar del Plata

Valiant Lady (Newbuilding)

Vasco de Gama Berthed Tilbury

Veendam Bound Cape Town ETA 23rd

Ventura Anchored of Portland, Weymouth Bay

Ventus Australia Anchored Punta Arenas

Vesteralen At the Port of Kirkenes

Viking Jupiter Berthed Kristiansand

Viking Orion At Sea awaiting orders

Viking Sea Berthed Kristiansund

Viking Sky Berthed Aalesund

Viking Star Berthed Tilbury

Viking Sun Berthed Kristiansand

Viking Venus (Newbuilding)

Vision of the Seas Arrived at St. Kitts

Volendam Bound for Port-Louis, Mauritius ETA 22nd

Voyager of the Seas Drifting W of Manila Bay

Westerdam Bound for Singapore ETA 25th

Wind Spirit Anchored NE of Singapore Strait

Wind Star Berthed Colon, Panama Canal

Wind Surf Berthed Colon, Panama Canal

Wonder of the Seas (Newbuilding)

World Dream Berthed Rotterdam

World Explorer Berthed Viana do Castelo

World Odyssey Moored Caen near Ouistreham, France

World Navigator (Newbuilding)

Zaandam Anchored W of Amsterdam

Zenith Berthed Piraeus

Zuiderdam Bound for Walvis Bay, Namibia ETA 23rd


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