The Luxury Yachts of Seabourn

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*All Photographs and images on these pages were provided by Seabourn, unless stated otherwise


Page Five

A Celebrated Cruise Line

Welcome to the Yachts of Seabourn newest ships, the wonderful and exclusive MV Seabourn Encore and Ovatyin! On this page I am delighted to present a comprehensive Deck Plan of these ships, as well as Images of the majority of their wonderful and spacious suites. To date, the only image not available is the Owner’s Suite, but you will discover that all Suites are spacious and luxurious, and have full marble clad bathrooms, frpm the Owners Penthouse to the Verandah Suite you will find that eacj is without doubt 6+ Star luxury, and offers space and every possible comfort, as well as a butler!

Deck 12                              Deck 11                              Deck 10                              Deck 9                                Deck 8 



Deck 7                                Deck 6                                Deck 5                                Deck 4                                Deck 3



Suites On Board



Above: we see what is considered as the lowest grade suite, the Verandah Suite, which is both luxurious and spacious


Below: we see just a corner of this Suite’s magnificent Marble Bathroom that has every facility included



This is the Penthouse Suite with a separate Bedroom and a spacious lounge


The magnificent Signature Suite is the supreme and as can be seen magnificent, the Bedroom can be seen at the top left

In this image we see the large Lounge and Dinning Room, which has a bar and entertainment centre


Above: The largest and most glamorous Suite on-board is the suburb Wintergarden Suite that has a large Lounge as separate Dinning Room and a fully stocked Bar. There are two bedrooms, one with its own lounge and veranda and bathrooms as well as a large Spa Bath

For full details in regard to the Suites facilities and its inclusions, I suggest that you visit Seabourn Encore Suites. There you will find additional images, as well as suite layouts and inclusions below!




Seabourn Index:

Page 1              Introducing the joys of cruising on a luxurious Seabourn Yacht, and meeting the fleet.

Page 2              Looking at the Seabourn Odyssey, Sojourn & the Quest.

Page 3              Here are the Deck Plans of the above three ships!

Page 4              Looking at the amazing 41,865-ton Seabourn Encore  & Ovation.

Page 5             The Deck Plan covering the two latest new ships as per above.

Page 6              Seabourn Venture the exciting new Expedition ship due in due 2021.


     The Author of Cruise-Australia has given Seabourn a 5.5 STAR Rating!


Travel Agents in America and around the world have called

The Seabourn Ships as being … “Totally Refined

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