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SeaDream Yacht Club

Deck Plans


The elegant SeaDream II

The intimate SeaDream I & SeaDream II Yachts have identical interiors, thus the deck plan below relates to both vessels. The location numbers shown on each deck are fully explained below the deck plan.

Where is what?     The numbers on the above layout are revealed hereunder.

Deck Two:             1. Retractable Water Sports Platform. 2. Main Dining Room & Meeting room.

Deck Three:           3. Pool Bar. 4. Card Room. 5. Main Lounge and Bar. 6, Concierge and SeaDream Boutique.

Deck Four:             7. Lounging Deck. 8. Library and Internet. 9. Piano Bar. 10. Casino. 11. Admiral Suite.

                             12. SeaDream Spa, Fitness Centre and Beauty Salon.

Deck Five:             13. Topside Restaurant. 14. Medical Facility. 15. Open Promenade.

Deck Six.               16. Balinese Dream Beds. 17. Top of The Yacht Bar. 18. Golf Simulator. 19. Sun Beds.



Built by:                 Wärtsila Ship Yards Helsinki, Finland

Names:                   1. SeaDream I - 2. SeaDream II. (Originally: Sea Goddess I & II).

Launched:               1. 1984 - 2. 1985.

Tonnage:                4,333 GRT - Gross Registered Tons, since July 1, 2005.

IMO #:                   1. 8203438 - 2. 8203440.

Call sign:                1. C6PW8 - 2. C6PW9.

Length:                   344ft - 104,81 m.

Beam:                    74ft - 14,60m.

Draught:                 13.9ft - 4.2m.

Engines:                 2 x Wärtsila Diesel’s Waasa -12V22HF.

Main power:            3540 kW.

Screws:                  2 x CP propellers.

Cruising speed:        17.5 knots.

Passenger decks:     6.

Passengers:             112 maximum.

Crew:                     93.

X                           Stabilised and fully air-conditioned.


These are Yachts were designed for the most discerning travellers, who desire a more casual lifestyle with the ultimate in personal service!


Remember a vacation on a SeaDream Yacht Its Yachting, not Cruising!”


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