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I have been asked on a number of occasions …

“What is so Special About SeaDream Yachts?”

As my regular visitors to this site will know, having been avid readers of the cruise ships featured, that I have several other excellent small luxury operators featured online, such as the superb and luxurious Silversea Cruises and the Yachts of Seabourn.

SeaDream top rated by Berlitz 2013:

The 2019 Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships Guide has ranked “SeaDream Yacht Club” operators of two super luxury boutique motor-yachts has been ranked No 1 in the Boutique Ships category worldwide! They where hailed for the “ships style:” - “superlative cuisine and service”.

For many years now the Berlitz Guide Cruising & Cruise Ships Guides constantly announced that the 112-guest mega yachts SeaDream I and SeaDream II had again achieved from the top to the top two ratings in the ‘Boutique Ships’ category (50 to 250 passengers). The Berlitz Guide is researched and written by Douglas Ward, who is one of the world’s top authority on cruising and cruise ships. Having reviewed hundreds of cruise ships, Ward has now named the top-rating ships for 2019, with the 10 most highly rated being officially ‘small’ or ‘boutique’. The SeaDream ships’ ratings extreamly high out of the possible 2,000 points. In addition to the aforementioned Berlitz Award, SeaDream Yachts has received a further Twenty-Two major Cruise Awards since 2003! These include the; “Berlitz Guide to Cruising & Cruise Ships”. “Condé Nast Traveller”, “National Geographic’s”, “Frommer’s Guide to Cruises” and the list simply goes on!

Obviously SeaDream Yacht Club has established one of the finest small ship cruise products around and this is due to the small number of passengers and the high ratio of crew numbers, meaning that the service level on these Yachts are much higher than on any luxury ship in the world! The other big feature is the world-class cuisine and the wondrous dinning facilities on board, and then there is all that Champagne and Caviar that seems to come and come. And remember drinks and everything else is included in the fare!

One of the intimate and luxurious SeaDream Yachts with its two water level platforms, ideal for water sports and boarding the ships zodiacs

Join one of the Intimate SeaDream Yachts

For … “It is Yachting, not Cruising”


However, the SeaDream Yachts are without doubt some the smaller luxury yachts and they offer the ultimate boutique and intimate small cruise ships for they are very much reminiscent of a private club or if you wish, much like your own yacht. SeaDream I and SeaDream II offer a relaxed atmosphere with informal dress during the day and more of a country club style casual in the evening. Although there are some that may dress up and wear a dinner suit or a tux. But SeaDream Yachts offer without doubt an ultra-luxury lifestyle with the highest level of service, comfort, with quality amenities and it all comes at an all-inclusive price. The relaxed, comfortable SeaDream “theme” is certainly felt throughout both of their Yachts, from the superbly comfortable SeaDream Balinese beds up on deck to the luxurious linens and an excellent pillow menu in all the staterooms and suites to the super exceptional service from all the staff on board, who are always there and ready to serve 24 hours a day!

The sun beds are luxury plus and so comfortable and not found on any other ship!

SeaDream Yacht Club has two identical yachts, the SeaDream Yacht Club and both are 4,260 tons, with accommodation for a maximum of 112 passengers with a crew of some 95.

The following is what a friend of mine wrote:

“Sea Dream yachting is different from the big ship cruise vacations, or even the other smaller ship operators as SeaDream operate these small and intimate Yachts for just 112 guests with a crew of 93 to ensure that everyone on board receives total personal service! Thus, your all inclusive SeaDream vacation will allow you to enjoy the ultimate in luxury cruise travel. There is an ambience of casual perfection and privacy. Your SeaDream Cruise experience will feature some of the finest meals, wine at both lunch and dinner, and there is also open bar, use of all water and sports facilities and gratuities to the crew are included and nothing more is expected. Thus indulge your senses!”

A Little History regarding the Yachts:

Both ships were originally built for “Sea Goddess Cruises” and they were the first two-built part of an ambitious planned fleet of eight identical luxury yachts. However the Sea Goddess I and II were the only two to be completed. The sailed unsuccessfully for just one season and Sea Goddess Cruises fell into financial troubles due to building such a large fleet. Thus the two Yachts were chartered out to Cunard for twelve years.

Thus Cunard Line acquired the management and the rights to these ships in 1986, due to Sea Goddess Cruises having run into financial trouble. They decided to create a new cruise line; “Cunard-Sea Goddess Line” that would operate both these super luxury Yachts.

The Cunard Sea Goddess II

But then came the day when Carnival Corporation purchased Cunard in 1998, and they reorganised the merger of Cunard with Seabourn. Of course, Seabourn Cruises already operated three larger luxury yachts, and now the two Goddess’ were transferred from its own Cunard base company to Seabourn and they were renamed, Seabourn Goddess I and Seabourn Goddess II. They operated for the next few years, but in 2001 their future would vastly improve as they would, thankfully leave the Carnival stable, and become a genuine, luxury, personalised small ship cruise line, something that Carnival could never establish, for they would always impose their interfering principles upon their companies!

The Seabourn Goddess I

The famed Norwegian businessman, Mr. Atle Brynestad who founded Seabourn Cruises in the late eighties, and then due to the merger, he became Cunard’s Chairman, but in 2001 he decided to go on a new path and obtained the two Sea Goddess’ and renamed them SeaDream I & II and commenced SeaDream Yachts. Both ships where extensively refitted and the top decks were extended, giving the ships six passenger decks instead of five, as well as some exciting new facilities! Since their introduction, both Yachts have proven to be most successful and they are perfect for those who do not demand a balcony, for sorry, there are none. Yet staterooms are excellent as are the suites and the owners suite is beautiful to say the least!

Since their partial rebuild and refit in 2001, there have been constant upgrades, which continue to this day, but also major refits, with the last major refit having been done in 2009.

The SeaDream II is seen gently sailing the beautiful regions of the Amazon

SeaDream Yacht Club Passenger Profile:

Passengers are varied, from the thirties to middle-aged couples, but can well be somewhat younger than on some of the other ultra-luxury ships. One passenger stated;

“Of the 96 we sailed with on SeaDream II, about a third were under 40, half were in their 50s and early 60s, and the rest over 64. There were those on board who were regular cruisers on various ships and with rather sophisticated tastes, yet they enjoyed the more casual feel at meal times, even at dinner, especially the independence. Thus anyone who comes on this small ship will simply love SeaDream.”


Above and below:

Discerning passengers of most ages sail on a SeaDream Yacht and enjoy

the beach life including the ultimate Caviar and Champagne on offer

Now, that is cruising in style!


Therefore many passengers on SeaDream I and SeaDream II will be well travelled and will certainly not miss the lack of structured entertainment and activities. These ships do not provide any activities for children.

SeaDream Yacht Club Common Areas:

As you board the Yacht, you will note that she will have a clean and a sophisticated look with fresh flowers and beautiful artwork throughout the ship. The Main Lounge has a small dance floor as well as a stage. The Casino is a small venue with slot machines, blackjack, and poker. The Library is a delight and it is well stocked with the latest hardback books and there are two I computers connected to the Net. The pool area has plenty of comfortable lounges as well as a Hot Tub. The Balinese Sun Beds are a SeaDream Signature item and are well padded and elevated so you can see over the railing; these are a delight and sheer comfort!


Above and below: Two views of the Main Lounge



And this is the delightful Bar


The delightful Library and Internet facility is located aft on Deck 5


Just aft of the Library on the port side is the popular Piano bar


And on the Starboard side is an intimate Casino


‘”THE TOP OF THE YACHT BAR” on Deck 6 is a superbly laid out area, wonderfully furnished

And it is without a doubt the most frequented bar on the Yachts!

SeaDream Yacht Club Onboard Activities and Entertainment:

Although as I stated earlier, there is not a great deal of organised evening entertainment, etc, but these wonderful Yachts, due to their size are able to enter ports and Islands no other ships is able to go. Thus spending time ashore and participating in water sports that can commence from the ships very own marina located aft of the ship is just one of the main activities on the SeaDream Yachts. So there is no bingo. Hallelujah, many will say! There is some entertainment as the vessels have a pianist, who is also a vocalist and usually another instrumentalist come vocalist, as well as a “disco” at night, or various other organised on board activity.


Recently SeaDream Yachts has added the “Starlit Outdoor Cinema” to their entertainment systems

Of course DVD movies are provided for you to watch in your stateroom, in addition there is also a large screen in the main lounge for an occasional indoor movie.

The beach barbecue comes complete with a Caviar and Champagne “surfboard” being one of the highlights of all SeaDream Caribbean or Tropical cruises! And considering that SeaDream Yachts will be in the Caribbean and spending much more time there!

SeaDream Yacht Club Cuisine and Dining:

The SeaDream ships excel in their two dining venues, and every single meal will be a memorable event. Casual meals are served outdoors at the fully covered Topside Restaurant on Deck 5, and elegant dinners are in the Restaurant on Deck 2. The meals in the Restaurant will be just what you would expect from an ultra-luxury ship, it all starts with a beautiful table setting, and the food has fresh, high quality ingredients and an unhurried European style of perfect elegant service. Of course complimentary wines are included both at lunch and dinner, but the ships also have a large wine cellar with some of the world’s finest wines. These are at an optional cost of course!

In addition there will the special summer evenings where the evening meal will be served poolside on Deck 3, accompanied by a musician/vocalist.

The Main Dining Room is elegant and it is combined with the world’s finest cuisine and service that is simply sublime. As told to the author by so many past passengers!


One of the Yachts Sommeliers and a Wine Steward is always at hand ready to assist you with the perfect wine!

However, remember that wines and drinks are included, except for those special boutique ones!



Above and below: The Topside Restaurant is one of the most successful dining venues at sea

And meals are taken here for breakfast, lunch and often for diner. Of course it always depends on the weather.

However, the venue is fully under cover, but if too windy then it may not be open


This is one of the very popular private corners


A romantic six-course diner under the stars, can you think of anything better?


A special meal has been served poolside on Deck 3, whilst one of the ships musicians had played the guitar and sang some soothing songs

Passengers and some officers enjoyed a pleasant meal together

A new Dining Innovation, thanks to Australia:

SeaDream Yacht Club does something special when discerning Australian guests are on board and thus the Chef will add that unique culinary touch for they will make their very own olive oil spread as an alternative to butter. “We’ve had a lot of Australian guests mention that they prefer olive oil spread as a healthy alternative to butter or other spreads, but as it’s not widely available commercially in the regions in which we sail, our Executive Chef, Sudesh Kishore came up with the idea of our chefs making our own aboard whenever we have Australians sailing with us,” said SeaDream Yacht Club’s President, Bob Lepisto. “And if it becomes popular with our other guests who are also conscious of the high fat content of butter and some other spreads, and which we think it may, we’ll look at providing it aboard all our sailings. “We already have ‘Wellness Selections’ available on our menus that are lower in fats and carbohydrates, we have sugar-free options and we are the only company at sea offering optional “Raw Cuisine” that is a style of preparation in which all ingredients are raw, organic and vegan. “So offering olive oil spread is simply an extension of our commitment to provide our guests with the dining they desire: if you want a big filet mignon followed by double chocolate mousse, by all means go ahead and order and enjoy it, but if you feel you should be good rather than naughty at the table one night, we’ve all the options to help you there too,” Mr Lepisto said.

SeaDream Yacht Club Spa, Gym, and Fitness:

Having read about all that sumptuous food that comes around just about all day exercise is rather important! The Yachts are ready for you and you can commence by heading to the wonderful “Asian Spa/Wellness Center” or you could head directly to the Fitness Center (Gym) and do a good workout. The excellent massages and other spa services complement the pampered feeling you get on the rest of the ship. There is also a Beauty Salon. Golfers can head for the electronic Golf Simulator that is set up to play a good number of famous golf courses. Of course head for the water platform off the rear lower deck where you will find jet skis, kayaks, sailboat, and some great fun “banana boat” riding behind one of the Zodiacs. The ships also have mountain bikes to use ashore, as well as some Segway’s.

The Fitness center - Gym 


From the aft water level platform, you can take any of the water equipment available and enjoy yourself 


How relaxing is this! 

SeaDream Yacht Club Suites and Cabins:

SeaDream Yachts have 3 types of accommodations in their 54 cabins and suites. The 195 sq. ft. Yacht Club (standard) Cabins include a queen bed (or 2 twin beds), picture window, sofa, chair, dressing table with make-up mirror and hair dryer, safe, refrigerator stocked with beer and soft drinks, flat-screen TV, DVD and CD player. The bath is marble and very small, but the multi-jet shower is terrific. Passengers can use the bathrobes and slippers while on board. Designer amenities are provided in the bath.

The cabins also have a telephone and an Internet hook up, but the Internet cost ($35 per day) is much higher than using the ship's computer in the library. The 16 Commodore Suites are really double (380 sq. ft.) cabins and therefore have 2 baths. The second cabin is made up as a lounge area with a table and chairs and has an interconnecting door to the sleeping area. The Owner's Suite (490 sq. ft.) is the only cabin with a full-size tub and a larger bath. None of the cabins have a balcony.

Further down the page all types of accommodations are covered with photographs!

More on the SeaDream Yacht Club:

Both SeaDream Yachts sail the Caribbean in the winter and cross the Atlantic to the Mediterranean in the summer, usually cruises are for seven days. Bus as I stated earlier, Mr. Atle Brynestad has announced that his SeaDream Yacht(s) will heading to Asia and Australia sometime in 2013/14, which is great new for Australian’s and New Zealander’s.

In conclusion – Here is a comprehensive list of facilities:

Relax in the total comfort of Your Private SeaDream Villa at Sea. In every stateroom you will find:

·        Entertainment center with TV, DVD and CD player with more than 250 music and movie selections all on SeaDream cruises.

·        A data port that provides access to the internet so you can keep in touch when you are on your SeaDream cruise.

·        Marble-lined bathroom with a multi-jet shower massage and Bulgari bath amenities, only on SeaDream cruises.

·        A luxurious bed with the finest Belgian linens only on SeaDream cruises.

24-hour suite service so you can spoil yourself at midnight with caviar or a bowl of popcorn on your SeaDream Cruise.

Leave your dress-up clothes at home and experience elegant dining in a relaxed ambiance. SeaDream Cruises offer:

·        Open seating yacht-casual dining in the outdoor Topside Restaurant or yacht-intimate dining indoors in the Dining Saloon.

·        The chefs and sommeliers come from the best restaurants ashore and provide exquisite international cuisine on SeaDream Cruises.

·        There are private dining nooks and crannies on deck where you can enjoy a romantic private dinner for two on Sea Dream cruise holidays.

·        There is a selection of over 3,000 bottles of estate wine in the wine cellar or you may enjoy complimentary wines served at lunch and dinner.

Yachting is about spending as much time as possible In the Great Outdoors.  Your SeaDream cruise vacation will include:

Complimentary kayaking, water skiing, tubing, wake boarding, snorkelling, sailing, wave running and swimming from the water sports Marina as well as mountain bikes for use ashore.  SeaDream cruises wants to please you, the luxury cruise client. SeaDream Cruises and Yachts will make it happen for you.

·        Sip a drink at the Top of the Yacht Bar, a favourite outdoor spot for guests.

·        Balinese Dream beds with views of the sea.

·        Try a Segway Human Transporter only on Sea Dream Cruises.

·        You won’t believe the signature event - the waterside Champagne and Caviar Splash on SeaDreamYachtClub.

The Great Outdoors offers many of life's little luxuries.  You can also expect to find on your SeaDream Cruise Line holiday:

·        Magnificent Asian Spa with steam room, sauna and saltwater Thalasso therapy tub.

·        Yoga and Tai Chi, state-of-the-art gym and golf simulator.

·        Gaming casino, Piano Bar plus a 1,200 volume Library and a collection of DVDs to watch in your stateroom.

Passenger comments!

Here are two further comments from past passengers, which I trust will provide some good information. These are genuine, even though I have withheld their names for privacy reasons.

This is just part of the first review.

“The crew was fabulous, we were treated like kings & queens, very personal, like no other experience we've ever had. We will be back again and again!” Mr & Mrs Michael A.

“The crew of 95 for us 112 passengers were suburb. You would think they were on your direct payroll or working directly for tips. (But) Tipping is included, nor is it expected!

If you were at the pool in the afternoon there was always the bartender or waiter doing the rounds asking you for a drink. They would come around with cold refreshing fruit sticks or what was impressive was that they would hold a custom-made tray with pre-made ice cream cones. The staff seemed to know what you wanted before you did. This is what I call service!” AJ – USA.

Here is part of another review:

“We boarded Sea Dream 2 and were greeted with champagne and any other drinks of choice as well as an exquisite collection of hors-d’oeuvre. After unpacking we headed to the 1900 hours cocktail reception where the cruise director came out on a Segway, advising us more the upcoming week. A Segway is a wonderful way to get someone’s attention when you speak.  Dinner on the ship was sublime. The attention of service is simply unequalled from any other ship ever sailed on and the food and drinks was heaven and this continued throughout the voyage!

We spent the rest of the night in the piano bar with several couples and one of the them suggested that we stayed for a few tunes while my wife had a couple of glasses of Champagne & I had a “Kettle One Raspberry Martini.” MG - Sydney, AUS.

“This is a shipping line that prides itself on great food and it delivers on this promise.” ST.


All of SeaDream Yachts Staterooms have an ocean view. There are 54 Yacht Club Staterooms that measure 195 square feet whilst 16 of the Yacht Club Staterooms can be converted to become 8 Commodore Suites (double Yacht Club). The Owner’s Suite with 447 elegantly appointed square feet features a private master bedroom and bathroom suite with a soaking tub and a living and dining room area with a guest bath providing extra comfort for private entertaining.

Stateroom Amenities:

·        Refrigerator stocked with beer, soft drinks and water.

·        An entertainment center with flat screen television, DVD/CD Player and iPod Docking Stations.

·        A data port for access to the internet – a laptop is available upon request.

·        Marble-lined bathroom with a multi-jet shower massage and Bvlgari® bath amenities.

·        The finest Belgian linens and a selection of pillows, blanket or down duvet.

·        SeaDream’s 100% Turkish cotton robes with slippers.

·        Personalized yacht stationery, direct dial telephones, personal safe, individually controlled AC, make up mirror and hair dryer.

·        24-hour suite “Small Bites” menu so you can spoil yourself at midnight or anytime.

Owners Suite: This suite includes a thoughtfully appointed separate master bedroom suite with a queen size bed and bathroom with a massage shower as well as a separate soaking tub with views of the sea.

There is a spacious living and dining room that includes guest private facilities. There is a writing desk with internet ready connection. Features include a refreshment area with a fully stocked bar and both the bedroom and living room provide a state of the art entertainment systems with flat screen TVs, CD and DVD players.


Above and below:  Two photographs of the living area of the magnificent Owners Suite, which as can be seen very large

 and it offers the ultimate in luxurious style of living that comes with personalised service and fresh flowers and fresh fruit daily


Admiral Suite: This superb suite is casually elegant and comfortable, the Admiral Suite features a separate living and dining area and a master bedroom and one and a half baths. The separate and private en-suite master bedroom features a queen sized bed and master bath. Basked in light, the suite features three panorama windows. Individual entertainment centres' are featured in the living as well as the bedroom.

 This is the Admiral Suite is very popular with many of the regular Club members!

Commodore Suite: These are in fact two adjoined comfortably appointed staterooms, where one has become a lounge and dinning area and the other the bedroom that provides a choice of two twin beds or a queen size bed. However, here also there is a sofa, a coordinated chair and cocktail table, a spacious closet and built in dresser and writing desk. As well as a marble lined bathroom with multi jet shower.

The Commodore Suite is one of the more unique and spacious styles of accommodations available

Yacht Club Staterooms: All staterooms on Decks 3 and 4 feature a large picture window whilst Yacht Club Staterooms on Deck 2 have two nautical windows. The size of the Yacht Club staterooms on deck 2, 3 and 4 are identical other than this difference in the windows.

These comfortably appointed staterooms provide a choice of two twin beds or a queen size bed, a seating area with a sofa, coordinated chair and cocktail table, a spacious closet and built in dresser and writing desk. As well as a marble lined bathroom with multi jet shower.

Yacht Club Staterooms on Decks 3 and 4 feature a large picture window while Yacht Club Staterooms on Deck 2 have two nautical windows.

Here we see the staterooms for Decks 3 and 4, which are very similar as on 2, but having two spacious windows


This is the bathroom for all Yacht Club Staterooms on decks 2, 3 and 4.


This the staterooms on Deck 2 and the only difference as you will note are the nautical (round) portholes

In 2012 I sailed on a 40-night voyage to England in a mini-suite with nautical windows, and it did not bother me at all,

for it was rather nice, as I felt like I was on a real ship again, a liner of sorts!

You have now had a taste of the superb life o be had on two of the world’s most popular ships by those who have done it all, they have tried all the top line cruise ships, be they large or small, but the SeaDream Yacht Club offers that not one other cruise line can, and that is, make you feel like an individual whilst you are on board! The Yacht almost feels like your own personal Yacht, for there is always a staff member at hand to do whatever you wish, to get what is needed, get a drink, and there is no bill of course, a bite to eat, at any time, it is more that a unique experience. Thus why not try it for yourself.

All the wonderful facilities of a SeaDream Yacht await you!

And remember a vacation on a SeaDream Yacht “Is Yachting, not Cruising!”


View the … SeaDream Yachts Deck Plan

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Reuben Goossens.


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