Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 - Remastered during June 2016 at a cost of 177 Million Australian Dollars

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A Ship fit for Royalty & Perfect for a Luxury Cruise Vacation!

Introduction to the QM2:

On Thursday January 08, 2004, her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II said those all too familiar words at the naming of MV Queen Mary 2 … “I name this ship Queen Mary 2. May God bless her and all who sail in her,” then with the push of a button a hefty “Jeroboam of Veuve Cliquot” bottle of champagne smashed against the starboard side of the bow.

She was built by Chantiers l'Atlantique Ship Yard’s at St Nazaire in France at a cost of a massive US$800 million. And once she had been fully completed and made ready to sail, she departed on her 14-day maiden cruise on Monday January 12, 2004. At the time the 151,400 GRT (Gross Registered Tons) Queen Mary 2 (QM2) was the largest, longest, tallest, the widest and the most expensive passenger ship ever to be built, that was until Royal Caribbean Cruises built that hideous 225,282 Oasis of the Seas in 2009 with a massive total of 8,690 persons onboard with 6,500 being passengers.

The QM2 has proven herself as one of the great ships sailing Around the World annually, as well as her Trans-Atlantic sailings and popular cruises, all in the traditional Cunard tradition.

Queen Mary’s AU$177 million 2016 refurbishment:

However, Cunard’s grand flagship the Queen Mary 2 has recently commenced on her first voyage following an investment of around 90 million UK Pounds (approximately AU$177 million) being one of the most significant refurbishments undertaken by the world’s most famous passenger Shipping Companies.

The Queen Mary 2 is seen in Blohm & Voss Hamburg Dry Dock in early June still undergoing her refit


The Queen Mary 2 is seen heading for Southampton after her refit in Hamburg

The comprehensively remastered ship arrived in Southampton on Thursday June 23, 2014 flanked by fleet of ships, including her running mates the, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria, and the QM2 was greeted by a host of high-profile guests. The Queen Mary 2 soon headed for New York, continuing her schedule of iconic Trans-Atlantic crossings.

Queen Mary 2 departure day from Southampton to New York and her Bellboys are ready to do their job

The luxury ship has been lovingly remastered with a magnificent new contemporary interior design as well as exciting new guest experiences, many of which take inspiration from the original RMS Queen Mary which launched at the height of the Art-Deco movement back in the 1930s. Cunard’s investment, marking 80 years since the original grand liner was launched has ensured that every detail from the carpets to the curtains recalls that iconic ship, which became a symbol of genuine British elegance!

The once great liner RMS Queen Mary is seen here at Long Beach, California operating as a hotel and a tourist facility

You may well discover the delightful Circus-inspired artwork from the original Verandah that is again showcased in QM2’s new Verandah Restaurant as well as new Stateroom interiors have been inspired by the great three funnelled liner’s Art Deco era, and these are just a few examples of the great attention to detail that has been carefully woven throughout Remastering of the Company’s Flagship!


Above & below: Carpets in the halls of the Remastered QM2 are inspired by the RMS Queen Mary’s halls

As can be seen by the two photographs. The one above is of the grand old ship and below is the hall on the QM2


Please Note: The indented sections below and down this page are actual quotes and statements made by Cunard Executives and by Cunard Senior Vice President Mr. Simon Palethorpe.

The grandiose Queen Mary 2 looks quite majestic in the evening light

The liner’s remastered features include:

“There has been a comprehensive redesign and refurbishment of the Queens Grill and Princess Grill suites and their respective restaurants, as well as the Britannia staterooms. (The Britannia staterooms are to be completed by the end of 2016).

Queens Grill Suites:

The Queens Grill suites have an excellent range, be it the delightful Queens Suites, Penthouse Suites, Royal Suites and the multi level Duplex Suites. Below are Grades Q5 and Q2.

The remastered Queens Suite - Grade Q5 



Above & below: The Duplex has a spacious lounge and dinning area that includes a desk

Then there is the grand stairwell to the upper level – Grade Q2



 The Duplex Bedroom is simply grandiose and has two bathrooms

Princess Grill Staterooms:

A luxurious Princess Grill Suite

Britannia Club & Britannia Staterooms:

A Double, or a Twin Bedded Britannia Club Balcony Stateroom - Grade A2

“The addition of 30 further Britannia Club Staterooms, 15 Britannia single Staterooms, and five Britannia inside staterooms.”

Britannia Balcony Stateroom


Here we see a new Single Oceanview Stateroom - Grade KB


A Double Bed Inside Stateroom - Grade IF

Public Venues:

“A redesign of key public spaces and restaurants, including the transformation of the former Winter Garden into the Carinthia Lounge, the introduction of The Verandah as the ship’s new speciality restaurant, and the complete refresh and restructuring of the Kings Court, the ship’s popular buffet area.”


Above & below: Here we see the delightful new Carinthia Lounge a venue that has taken a step back in time, yet

It remains bright and cheerful with its long new bar as can be seen below

On Deck 7, reached via the Main Stairwell or the six lifts & is located directly above the Atrium



Here we see the all new and beautifully laid out Specialty “Verandah Restaurant”

Located aft on Deck 8 overlooking the Terrace Pool



Above & below: The all-new Kings Court Buffet is a vast improvement and is cheerful and a sheer delight to dine in!

Located amidships Deck 7



Other Restaurants:

The Queens Grill not only offers the ultimate in fine Dinning but also has one of the finest venues and Wine Cellars afloat!

Located starboard side aft on Deck 7


The Princess Grill is a spacious and a luxurious dining venue offing the finest cuisine and wines!

Located portside aft on Deck 7



Above & below: the grand Britannia Restaurant is seen during the day with its dome alight and at night with its colouring

Located on Decks 2 and 3 amidships to aft



The delightfully elegant Britannia Club Restaurant

Located aft of two sides of the lower Britannia Restaurant


Not to forget the amazing Sir Samual’s which also offers the amazing Godiva Belgium Chocolates!

Located just forward of the amidships Lobby on the portside

Other Remastering features include:

“Ten additional kennels, complete with Liverpool Lamp Post and a New York Fire Hydrant to make guests dogs feel at home in the world’s only transatlantic kennel service.

The Queen Mary 2 has received a complete repaint of her exterior, in addition she has been given significant technical enhancements as well certain structural changes.”

Over one million hours has gone into the refurbishment over 25 days. During that time some 55,200 square metres of luxurious new carpets (the equivalent of 10 football pitches) was laid, 4000 new framed pictures was been brought onboard and over 15,000 litres of paint was applied to the ship’s huge hull.

The essence of Queen Mary 2 is a grand ship and she allows her guests to lose themselves in a world of sheer glamour, offering timeless sophistication and the ultimate of luxury.

Alongside her brand new dining experiences, guests can sample the delights of the world’s finest wine cellar at sea, with a unique collection of 486 fine wines and a stunning collection of fine aged Ports, dating back to 1840.

This modern icon also plays host to some of the finest quintessential British and international brands with an exclusive co-branded travel collection from Aspinal of London and sought after Cartier products available for guests to purchase whilst on board.

Cunard Senior Vice President Simon Palethorpe said:

“Cunard’s passion for delivering a service and experience that both meets and exceeds guest’s expectations is transforming the way we travel by sea. Remastering Queen Mary 2 honours the heritage and iconic status of our magnificent ship to take our passengers forward into a new era of ocean travel.”

Here we see the superb Commodore Club a reminder of the famed RMS Queen Mary

Located up high on Deck 9 far forward with grand views of the ships bow and the Ocean to both sides and forward


A Remastered Queen Mary 2 heading Down Under in February 2017 for a Royal

Rendezvous with the Queen Elizabeth in Sydney on February 25, 2017

Photo Album of other Areas Remastered


Above & below: The Atrium has had a makeover with new carpets and other new features!

Located forward of amidships on Decks



The Library is very large with a huge selection of books available, there is also a well-stocked Bookshop attached to the venue

It is located far forward on the starboard side on Deck 8


Even the Promenade Deck has been made over providing more light and wind shielding

Cunard Line has worked tirelessly with some of the finest designers to ensure that their flagship the Queen Mary 2 would be transformed into one of the finest and greatest ships afloat today. There is no doubt that the QM2 has become greatly loved by the thousands who have sailed on her since she has taken to the sea when she departed on her maiden voyage on January 12, 2004. For there have been many who have undertaken the opportunity to sail on this great ship whenever possible, be it on a trans-Atlantic voyage, a cruise or a World Voyage visiting countless countries afar afield including New Zealand and Australia on an annual basis!

Queen Mary 2 is seen departing Sydney during her World Voyage in 2015

However, with this new and magnificent Remastering, as we have seen above, has made her an even more superior ship than she was before and I believe that will certainly attract more passengers who desire something better than what is currently on offer! The good thing about QM2 is that all accommodations are of excellent value as are the Britannia Grades, or if you wish to do it a little fancier why not try Britannia Class Balcony Stateroom. However, for something better, then choose one of the magnificent suites either in the delightful Princess Grill or the ultimate Queen Grill and dine in their magnificent Dinning Venues, which are the best at sea.

I am delighted to give the Queen Mary 2 as a 5 Star rating, however, it should be noted that accommodations do vary somewhat within the Star ratings for Staterooms do go down to a 4 Star rating in the lower Britannia Inside grades. However, all Staterooms on the QM2 have superb facilities and the very best of service; as there is no such thing as a bad room on this ship! The grand multi level suites (the Duplex) onboard would in fact receive a 6 Star rating!

2017 World Voyage visiting New Zealand & Australia:

Australians and New Zealanders’ will be able to see the magnificently remastered ship in local waters when she visits again next February during her 2017 World Voyage.

QM 2 will undertake her 2017 - 118-day annual World Cruise by departing Southampton, England on January 10, 2017. This grand voyage offers ample opportunities to embark in various ports along the way as she sails via the many countries visited. Queen Mary 2 will make maiden calls in 10 brand-new ports and will offer guests overnight stays in Cape Town, Dubai, and Singapore.

The Grandiose Queen Mary 2 seen berthed at The International Cruise Terminal in Sydney

Whilst on January 7, 2017 the Queen Elizabeth will depart Southampton on her own World Cruise, being a 120-day voyage that will take guests across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas and the Caribbean before transiting the Panama Canal. From the West Coast port of San Francisco, she will sail to Australia, Asia, and Africa before returning to Southampton on May 7, 2017. This voyage offers 40 port calls in 25 different countries, four of which are also new to the Queen Elizabeth. Guests will be treated to overnight stays in New York, San Francisco, Sydney, and Cape Town.

Royal Rendezvous for the Queen Mary 2 & Queen Elizabeth:

One of the highlights of the two ships will be that the Queen Mary 2 whilst she is in Sydney will make a memorable Royal Rendezvous with the Queen Elizabeth in Sydney on February 25, 2017 with the QM2 also make maiden calls to Tasmania and South Australia’s Kangaroo Island, Australia.


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