Pacific Aria Cruise Review - 18 Day South Pacific from Brisbane - August 15 to September 2, 2016

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ne 15 August to 2 September 2016

Pacific Aria Deck Plan and Accommodations

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Please Note: Ship photographs and 2 of suite 10015 were taken by & © 2016 Reuben Goossens and Hun-Eng Tan

The Deck Plan and the Penthouse, Suite’s, and cabins photos were kindly provided by Carnival/P&O Cruises Australia

Part Three ~ Deck Plan & Accommodations

If you have arrived at this page directly from a server and have not read Parte One of this special three page Cruise review and ship tour, I strongly suggest that you first read part one first as it contains the main review of the ship and the cruise. You can reach the Cruise Review Here.

However, as we continue we are certainly going to discover a very different P&O Cruise Ship, and we should always keep in mind that as we look at the Pacific Aria, we will in fact be seeing her sister ship the Pacific Eden. Although there are some minor décor variations, but in general all the lounges, dinning venues and deck areas are almost identical as are their accommodations, etc!

As my regular readers will well know, I had previous pages online on both the Pacific Aria and Pacific Eden, which had a many images and photographs their her interiors. However, these were in general provided to me by Carnival/P&O Australia’s Media outlet - “MG.Media Communications,” however, there is nothing better than photographs taken by myself, and therefore these unlike the previous ones, which were mostly illustrations, and images that were photo-shopped, etc. What you will see below is what the venues actually look like onboard!


On this Page:

On this page I will present a complete deck plan of the Pacific Aria, which is identical to the one of the Pacific Eden, and much of what you will have seen on this review will be relevant to the Pacific Eden. The Deck plan contains a comprehensive Room grading panel, thus you will be able to check where any grade of room is. Also, I have ensured that this plan is of a larger size, for most are rather small and difficult to see, making it so much easier for the prospective traveller!

Below the Deck Plan, you will see a range of Accommodations complete with photographs, provided by Carnival/P&O, and that includes the suite I occupied during our cruise, but as you will have seen on Part One - “The Cruise review,” it was made up as a twin bedded configuration. Also sadly, Carnival/P&O provides very little regarding of cabin inclusions, thus I am unable to include it.

Reuben Goossens.



This is the least expensive cabin aboard the ship, being an Inside Cabin on Deck 4, yet it does have a lounge area


Here we see a higher grade Inside Cabin that could be on Decks 6, 9 or 10 


This is a typical Outside Cabin with the same layout as the Inside Cabin seen above

This style of Cabin is located on Decks 4 & 5 in addition there are six on deck 9 forward


A typical bathroom for many of the Cabins onboard is that will have a full-length bath with an overhead shower


Balcony Cabins all have a Spa baths in their bathrooms and are located on Deck 9

There are also some Balcony cabins on Deck 10 located far-aft



Above & below: These spacious luxury Suites occupy most of Deck 10, except for 10 Balcony Cabins on each side aft

These suites have the largest balconies I have seen, with a Dinning Table with four chairs, two sun lounges one more chair and a small drinks table







Above & below: The Penthouse has a spacious Bedroom and a large curved Lounge as well as

a separate Dinning Room. The Bathroom has a large Spa bath as can be seen on the second photo







Pacific Aria is seen at Port Vila Vanuatu on Friday August 19, 2016



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