MV Pacific Aria - 14 Day Papua New Guinea Photo Experience,” from Brisbane February 10, 2017 - Page 3 & Part 3

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Page Three

Part Three


Welcome to Part Three of “The Papua New Guinea Experience,” however if you have arrived at this page via a Search Engine, I suggest that you use the “Pacific Aria Cruise Review INDEX” at the bottom of the page to visit the relevant page of the review!

A native from our first port of call, Alotau PNG

On Part One of our fascinating PNG experience, we have looked at our visits to the first four ports of call, being; Alotau, Madang, Wewak and Scenic Cruising of the sublimely beautiful Vitu Island.

Then in Part Two we visited the interesting and historic Rabaul, followed by Kiriwina and Kitava Islands, which were simply amazing in their untouched beauty and their ancient cultural lifestyles! Finally we visited a tropical play land, being the Island one of the 21 Conflict Islands.

I trust that our voyage to the PNG will encourage many more Australians and New Zealanders to undertake this amazing cruise of exploration, for believe me it has been an exciting experience for everyone on board, let alone Eng Tan, who just wished to do it all again!

Photographs: This page has mostly photographs not seen on my other pages and most are taken by & © Hun-Eng Tan, as well as of views from the ship by & © Reuben Goossens. And there are some photographs by & © Terry Whitter.

Reuben Goossens.

Maritime Historian, Author & Cruise ‘n’ Ship Reviewer.

Commenced in the Passenger Shipping Industry in 1960.

Ports of Call:

1… Alotau, PNG: Monday February 13,

Today there was a special dance festival arranged for P&O guests, and they certainly took in the colour and sounds of this unique region and cultural diversity. The festival offered such rich and varied performances, with traditional songs and dances. Some villagers had come from afar, even from certain parts of the Papuan regions, providing a mix of colourful diversity of festive native costuming, etc. This event came combined with a spectacle of the long Canoes and the famed Kundu drums!

Please Note: This page is mostly a visual spectacle and I do not provide a great deal of commentary, unless there is a reason for it.








Pacific Aria seen berthed at Port Alotau from the Festival site

2… Madang: Wednesday February 15.

Eng had pre-booked a shore excursion being the “Madang Resort Festival.” At first the title of ‘resort’ was off-putting, but Eng soon discovered that this tour was going to be far better than the name suggested, for it was simply a spectacular event, like no other that had been staged before! As Eng told me later, “It certainly was one of the very best tours that I have ever been on!” And believe me, He is usually a very hash critic!

Let us now look at the amazing and colourful Madang Resort festival!






The famed Goroka Mudmen had come all the way from the Highlands



Everyone left the festival filled with such joy and wonder of having seen a spectacle beyond belief

I am sure that all the photographs above will have told an amazing story of the grandeur of this Festival, for it was not even very expensive and as Eng said upon his return to the ship; “I would have paid twice as much to see this event!”

A photograph taken as we were departing Madang

3… Wewak: Thursday February 16.


Above & below: The tribal troupe who entertained guests upon arrival



Downtown in Wewak you will discover the obligatory Markets as well as Supermarkets and Shops


Here we see a dear lady selling her homemade shell goods by the side of the road


Some local village houses can be visited


And in one house this lady showed Eng around the small and very basic residence


Wherever you go there are such beautiful children, and here they are showing off their national colours


But this young boy remains in village style native dress


Three commenced drumming as passengers are about to leave the village, being their way of saying farewell


And soon it is back to the jetty and on the tender to return to the ship and head for the next port

4… Vitu Island: Scenic Cruising - Friday February 17.

Early views of Vitu Island



Below are two views taken from the bow of the Pacific Aria of Vitu Island a beautiful

and a gentle cruise and in due course the ship did a U-Turn and returned to the Sea



5… Rabaul: Saturday February 18.

Please Note: Photographs in Rabaul were taken by & are © Mr. Terry Whitter, unless marked otherwise.

A beautiful harbour that has another side, the volcanic side of the bay!

Photograph by & © Reuben Goossens


Upon arrival, we saw that great destroyer of Rabaul, the volcano, MT Tavurvur which is and was, as can be seen, still active!

Photograph by & © Reuben Goossens


Her we see a part of fuselage from an American Bomber at the “New Britain Historical & Cultural Centre & Museum”


Japanese Anti-Aircraft Gun


Above and below: Two further Japanese Anti Aircraft Gun and a sign for a 35mm Field Gun



A Japanese Tank


One of the two tall central memorials in the Bita Paka Memorial War Cemetery


A Plague at the Bita Paka War Cemetery covering WWI & WWII


A special A Plague commemorating the Battle of Bita Paka in 1914

And a special hero Captain Brian Pockley


A tragic sight, the original Rabaul airport, which was destroyed by the 1994 volcanic eruption

Photograph above & below was sent to me by another kind passenger who were on another tour


On the return to the ship a farewell from some friendly locals


The Pacific Aria was a welcome sight after a hectic day ashore for many passengers!

Photograph by & © Hun-Eng Tan

6… Kiriwina Island: Sunday February 19.

The first tender is lowered to head to Kiriwina Island with water and other supplies

to set up at the jetty, and prepare guests for an amazing day ashore!



Here we see part of a large group of Kiriwina dancers welcoming passengers of the Pacific Aria on November 20, 2017



Above & below: The village welcoming beach party




Yes, the pet bird is very real, as it just sits there and looks around!


It was an Island paradise and the villages were so authentic as seen on Page 4

7… Kitava Island: Monday February 20.

Another Paradise island! 



The little souvenir market



A group of nine boys singing their local songs


A native girl seen further inland


This atoll is an island just 300 metres offshore

8… Conflict Islands: Tuesday February 21.

Our first views of two of the 21 Conflict Islands


Early tenders bring further passengers to the very last tropical Island location for our cruise, as tonight we sail homewards


Wonderful beaches perfect for swimming, snorkelling and taking out surfboards and other boats, which can be hired

Photograph taken by & © Terry Whitter


The Island has fenced off Turtle Hatcheries, some turtles lay their eggs just

in the sand dunes behind the beach thus they are clearly marked


At the Island Airstrip, passengers lines up to take a flight in the Helicopter around the Conflict Islands for just A$135.



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