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The Great Murray River

There is certainly no better way to see the Australia’s historic Murray River as well as a slice of the amazingly beautiful and dramatic Australian outback with its unique flora and fauna, combined with the rich legacy of old Riverside Ports and the wonderful Indigenous culture that on this 7 Day Captain Cook Cruises, PS Murray Princess!

The Murray Princess progresses slowly down river

To Australia, the Murray River is very much what the Nile River is to Egypt, a great and ancient river system that has shaped the land’s past as well as the present and it will certainly continue to influence into the future as a National and a major icon.

The beautiful Murray River is Australia’s longest River, at 2,508 klm in length and it commences as a small stream in the Australian Alps and it meanders and carves steep River banks to the Mallee, where it touches the Australian desert and our great outback region. Murray Mallee is blessed with diverse and contrasting Australian landscapes, wildlife and locals. Interestingly, the River makes up much of the border between the Australian states of Victoria and New South Wales.


Above & below: The stunning rocks carved along the ancient Murray River together with the

stunning scenery is best seen from the decks of the PS Murray Princess


The Murray River is continuously navigable for 1,986 Klm from Goolwa to Yarrawonga and there are so many ways of navigating it, especially cruising on a the great Paddlewheeler PS Murray Princess, but for those who are individualists, they may explore the idea of a houseboats, but often so much is missed without expert guidance, yet they seem popular! There are certainly countless fascinating and beautiful destinations and stops to make all along the way along this great river!

Come let us board the Murray Princess and see what she has to offer?

The sublimely beautiful Paddlewheeler Murray Princess awaits you at Mannum!

PS Murray Princess:

The PS Murray Princess is a genuine inland Paddlewheeler especially built in 1986 to sail along the great Murray River, and she certainly continues a great Australian character and that special charm of yesteryear. She is the largest inland Paddlewheeler located in, or operating in the southern hemisphere.

This fine stern driven Paddlewheeler accommodates just 120 passengers and she offers all the unique advantages of small ship cruising to the remarkable, if not one of the most beautiful river setting of Australia’s outback.

However, we must not be fooled by certain other modern-day imitations that are so-called Paddlewheelers, where the paddle is actually located on the side of the vessel and then it is there just for show. That great Paddlewheel on the PS Murray Princess makes her an authentic Murray River Paddlewheeler because she is propelled by its massive stern wheel as can be seen below!

Here we see the authentic stern Paddlewheel of the PS Murray Princess

The onboard atmosphere is relaxed and informal by style. The multi level aft lounge features a majestic view of the Paddlewheel in action through the two story high viewing window. The Upper and lower lounge areas are accessed by a classic brass and mahogany spiral staircase or via the stairs or lift in the aft lobby.

The lower level is also home to the Souvenir Shop, where you can buy soft drinks, snacks, toiletries as well as souvenirs including baseball caps and hats and polo shirts, etc. Whilst on the upper level on Cadell Deck there is a small, “help yourself” Library with books or board games. Guests are welcome to borrow a book, or swap and replace as they wish. This lounge is also one of two places on board where you can access complimentary Wi-Fi, the other location for Wi-Fi is the Bar. Just ask for the daily access code at the souvenir shop.

The Paddlewheel Lounge also becomes the most welcome “Paddlewheel Café” daily from 10 am to midday as well as from 2.30 pm to 5 pm Café. Of course the Ships main Bar is located forward of the vessel up on Sturt Deck.

Up on Sturt Deck is the spacious Dinning Room that also has a concealed small band Stand as well as a large Dance floor that will be revealed on nights when the ships professional entertainer takes over after, or at times during dinner and turns the night into a party of fun for all! Far Just forward of the Dinning Room is the Ships main Bar that has a fine view over the bow section. Topside on Sun Deck is the vessels spacious partially covered exterior deck, that has ample outdoor seating and sun lounges being the perfect location to enjoy the spectacular views pass by as one of the waiters comes and attend you!


Above & below: Passengers enjoying life in the Paddlewheel Lounge and another view of both levels



Here is another view of the Lounge, come Café and the Souvenir Shop to the right


The Dinning Room looking towards the Buffet towards aft of the vessel

To the left is a large dance floor and bandstand, that is revealed at diner time


Friendly service is always at hand!

Cruise Programme:

The PS Murray Princess operates 3 cruise programmes, from 3, 4 to 7 night cruises, operating between Mannum, Murray Bridge and Salter's Station along the Murray River. The wetlands in this area provide essential breeding and feeding habitats for many species of water birds, fish, invertebrates and a host of plant life, meaning that you'll see the wonderful wildlife in this amazing and diverse outback setting.

The regular cruising schedule is as follows: 1: The 3 Night Cruise departs every Friday. 2: Whilst the 4 Night Cruise departs every Monday. 3: Or you can participate of the enjoyable full length 7 Night combined Voyage that departs either on a Friday, or on Monday, and you will enjoy the very best of both the 3 and 4 night cruises in the two directions of the river she operates!

Murray Princess Voyage Map


Captain Cook Cruises is one of Australia’s longest established Cruise Companies, having officially commenced on January 26, 1970 thus they have great experience with cruises in Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef, Fiji, and they have been operating the much loved PS Murray Princess since 1986. The Murray Princess has been a popular and a much loved sight as she sails along the river and for her passengers she has become known for offering one of the most unique historic and nature-based adventures as well as offering that authentic Murray River “Paddlewheel” experience. During her voyage, she sails through some of the driest parts of the driest continent, past Mallee scrub and ancient red gum forests, through towering gorges and ochre-coloured limestone cliffs. Along the way you will visit historic ports and lush vineyards as we navigate the Murray’s locks and big river bends.

Wine tasting at one of the lush vineyards visited along the river

You can hike around a boardwalk trail or take a guided nature walk. Take a small boat safari of the pristine wetlands, visit a riverside village, or take a nocturnal eco-tour before a riverside barbeque. Sample some of the local produce at the cellar door, or take a camera and catch some memorable scenes of the abundant birdlife. You can also choose to extend your cruise with an optional full day tour of Australia’s richest and best known wine making regions – the Barossa Valley.

The Decks onboard the Murray Princess:

The Murray Princess has five passenger decks, Chaffey, Randell, Cadell, Sturt and each of these decks are named after one of the great Murray River's pioneers, atop the vessel there is also Sun Deck.

Charles Sturt 1795-1869
One of Australia's
great inland explorers, Sturt discovered and charted two major Australian rivers including the Murray River. His expedition also located the Murray mouth in South Australia

William Randell 1824-1911
Randell was the first man to put a Paddleboat on the Murray River. In 1853 he built and sailed the ‘Mary Ann’ from Mannum on its first commercial voyage with 21 tons of cargo. The Mary Ann has been faithfully restored and currently resides at Mannum with Murray Princess.

Francis Cadell 1822-1879
A Scottish navigator and entrepreneur, Cadell followed in Randell’s wake, by building the 32 metre Paddleboat "Lady Augusta" in Sydney.
When completed in 1853, the vessel was sailed to South Australia and entered the Murray River at the river's mouth at Goolwa. 

George Chaffey (1848-1932) and William Chaffey (1856-1926) 
The Chaffey brothers started the first Australian commercial irrigation scheme in Renmark in 1887.  A legacy of the Chaffey influence is the thriving and widespread citrus lands of the Riverland areas of South Australia.


Aboard the PS Murray Princess there are a total of 60 Double bedded Cabins and Staterooms offering accommodation for at total of 120 passengers. Each Cabin and Stateroom has a private bathroom, air-conditioning, and has an electric blanket, soaps, shampoo and towels and all rooms are serviced daily. Each room is approximately 12sq metres. There are 4 outside cabins that are fully wheelchair accessible. Two of these are located on Randell Deck directly opposite the lift for easy access to the dining and lounge decks. The other two are on Cadell Deck.

Staterooms: The wonderful Staterooms are located on Randell as well as Cadell Decks and have doors that open to the outside deck and include fridge and tea and coffee making facilities. Four Staterooms have a double and a single bed (twin/double/triple) and two have a double bed only.

Outside Cabins: Light and bright outside Cabins are located on Randell and Cadell Decks and all have a door out to the outside deck and have picture windows (twin/double/triple).

Inside Cabins: These comfortable inside Cabins are located on Chaffey Deck there are 9 cabins that open into an inside passageway and have portholes facing the outside 7 Twin bedded and two Doubled bed rooms.

 Facilities Onboard PS Murray Princess:

The Murray Princess is certainly a well equipped vessel for her 120 Guests s the list of facilities will prove. Thus a vacation on her will prove to be a very special River adventure. She is not a Five Star luxury cruise ships, but no one would even attempt to market as such! But, she is a comfortable well equipped passenger vessel that has every convenience at hand with top service and fine food, with amazing lounges and bars and the dinning room is simply a joy to dine in as pat passengers have told me!

Onboard, you will discover a Bar and A Double Deck viewing Lounge overlooking the stern paddlewheel that has 24-hour tea and coffee facilities available, a Lounge and Bar far forward, a spacious single-sitting Dining Saloon, Gift Shop, Library, DVD’s are available. For your convenience there is a Lift to Randell, Cadell and Sturt Decks, there is also a Spa, Sauna and a Gym as well as a spacious half covered Sun Deck topside and a Guest laundry. The Murray Princess has its own speed boat.

PS Murray Princess Technical Details:

Built in:                            1986. 

Registry:                           Mannum, Australia.

Tonnage:...............................1,506 tonnes.

Engines:                           2 x Scania AB Diesel 6 Cylinder

.                                      Engines powering hydraulic pumps.

Propulsion:                        Hydraulic Stern Wheel, fitted

.                                      with Bow & Stern Thrusters.

Length:                             67m - 219.9ft.

Beam:                               15m - 49.2ft.

Draft:                               1.2m - 3.11ft.

Speed:                              6 knots.

Cabins:                             60.

Passengers:                       120.

In Conclusion:

During you Murray Princess Cruise you can hike around a boardwalk trail or take a guided nature walk. Take a small boat safari of the pristine wetlands, visit a riverside village, or take a nocturnal eco-tour before a riverside barbeque. Sample some of the local produce at the cellar door, or take a camera and catch some memorable scenes of the abundant birdlife.

However, do not forget that there are many other great options to make this vacation special, for you can choose to extend your cruise with an optional full day tour to one of Australia’s richest and best known wine making regions the famed Barossa Valley and Kangaroo Island. Then why not spend a few additional days in Adelaide the festival City! Not to forget that you may even chose to take the Indian Pacific luxury train from Sydney to Adelaide, or back and do it in Gold Class, which is all inclusive. Then fly in the other direction. See a good registered Cruise/Travel Agency, who will be able to assist you with all your questions and reservations for the Murray Princess, flights, or the Indian Pacific and additional packages in South Australia, OR …

For Holiday Packages based on the 3 and 4 night cruises plus an additional day tour, click the above image

When it opens … Below the main image select “Explore South Australia Sizzling Packages


Enter the PS Murray Princess Deck Plan!


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