MV Ocean Atlantic is an Antctic cruise ship with an Ice Class Rating of 1B, with excellent manoeuvrability, her shallow draft and powerful engines allow for extended voyages into isolated fjords

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MV Ocean Atlantic is seen here in Antarctica

MV Ocean Atlantic was formerly the SC Atlantic, MS Russ, MS Konstantin Chernenko completed in 1986.

This well-appointed expedition Ship offers some of the best value voyages to the Arctic and Antarctica, and for those travelling alone, the Ship has excellent dedicated single cabins available.

Ocean Atlantic is the perfect Ship for Expedition Cruising in Arctic waters! She was recently newly refurbished, and she has an international Ice Class Rating of 1B, and considering that she is one of the strongest Ships operating in Antarctica, combined with her excellent manoeuvrability, her shallow draft and powerful engines allow for extended voyages into isolated fjords. Ocean Atlantic offers exciting adventures for all who desire to explore Antarctica, as she is the perfect ship, combined offering great value!

The Ocean Atlantic is a relatively small ice-class Expedition Cruise Ship with spacious outdoor areas, and with her recent refit she has delightful brand new contemporary interiors. Her Lounges, Bars, Dining Room and other Public Spaces are superbly decorated and furnished, which has given her the look of a new ship.

The powerful and strong bow of the Ocean Atlantic

As an ice-class vessel, the Ocean Atlantic is up to the challenge of sailing in ice-choked polar seas. It has its own fleet of Zodiacs for shore landings and there are covered lifeboats on board with capacity for all passengers and crew. As a relatively small ship, it is possible to sail close to the shore and access narrow inlets.

The Ocean Atlantic’s accommodations are stylishly appointed, and her suites are especially spacious, most of her accommodations are outside, with just six very spacious inside cabins, all have private bathrooms, hairdryers, individual temperature control, a phone for internal calls, and a flat screen TV.

She has Accommodations for 198 guests, but a she can carry a maximum of 204, and with a crew of 151 every passenger can expect outstanding service whilst on board.

One of her excellent accommodations available

Other ships facilities include a Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna, and she has Electrofin Stabilizers to keep the ship steady and of course Ocean Atlantic is fully air-conditioned. 

You may ask, “Is she a 5 Star luxury ship?”, the answer is simple; “No she is not”, however, she is of such an excellent standard and thus she does offer a 4 Star value experience, making Antarctica more accessible to many more adventurers than ever before, as all other ships tend to be 5 to even a 6 Star ultra luxury level, and thus come at an extremely high fare.

Inclusions, besides the cruise and all meals, etc are: Guiding and lectures by expedition leaders and teams, complimentary 24 hour coffee and tea throughout cruise and complimentary access to gym and sauna facilities.

A Tour of the Ship:

We will commence topside on Deck 9 and slowly had down to deck three, being the Mudroom and Zodiac boarding stage. The elevator operates from Deck 3 (the mudroom and zodiac boarding stage) up to deck 7 (Discovery Bistro, Coffee Bar and Boat deck).

Deck 9: 


Above: Deck 9 allows for whale watching and viewing of all the majestic wonders that surrounds the ship

Below: As we can see aft of the funnel there are many zodiacs staked in their specially built housing


Deck 8:

This deck features he delightful intimate Explore, or Panorama Lounge, which is located amidships, here you will be able to obtain delicious Barista Coffee, as well as a drink from the Bar. On both sides of the ship are floor to ceiling glass enclosed windowed verandas, a perfect place to relax out of the wind with a drink and enjoy the stunning views including whales! One of these verandas can be clearly seen from the photo of Deck 9 above.

The delightful and intimate Panorama-Lounge


These cruises provide great opportunities to see humpback whales, dolphins, seals and wonderful scenery!

Deck 7:

Amidships is the Medical Centre, however aft is the popular Discovery Bistro with full Bar service, and just outside is another Coffee Bar. This deck is also known as Boat Deck and it is an excellent walking deck although not a full walk around, but a good long U-turn deck, and is used regularly by those who love a good long walk!

A side view of the Bistro

Deck 6:

This Deck contains most of the Public Venues on board, commencing from forward there is the Vinland Restaurant, and as we continue aft via the starboard side, we pass one of the ships two passenger elevators and into the Nordic Coffee Lounge and Library. Just aft is the spacious Viking Main Theatre and Bar. This delightful room is the ships Main Lounge, but also serves as a Lecture venue, as well as a night-time and general entertainment theatre. Aft of this venue, outside is an mostly enclosed area, apart from the sky opening in the deck directly above the Pool, but here is Bar portside and along the starboard side there is the Sauna. Tables and chairs surround the pool which is well protected from the cooler weather conditions. In addition there are showers and facilities available here.


Above & below: The spacious and elegant Vinland Restaurant



Nordic Coffee Lounge and Library


As can be seen above, the port and starboard sides of the “Viking Main Theatre” are set up as a Lounge


The Viking Bar located on the starboard side aft


The centre of the “Viking Main Theatre” is set up in a theatre and lecture mode

Deck 5:

This deck contains mostly accommodations; however slightly aft of amidships near the aft Stairwell you will find the Ships Main Lobby with the aft passenger Elevator, and the Pursers Office, slightly forward you will find “Albatros Ocean Shop” and the Business Centre or the Computer Room along the starboard side.

Deck 4:

This deck also has mostly accommodations; however far forward is the well equipped Gym the “Fitness Centre”.

The Fitness Centre - Gym

Deck 3:

Amidships is the Mudroom and on both sides are the two water level Zodiac landing stages where all those wonderful excursions commence under the guidance of the very best experts!

The Mudroom where all your outdoor warm clothing will be kept, there is also a change room


The Ocean Atlantic seen deep in Antarctica


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Ocean Atlantic Details & Specifications:

Builder: New Szczecin Shipyard, Szczecin, Poland.

Built, rebuilt & renovated: 1986, 2010 & in 2017 she was lengthened & modernised.

Previous Names: Konstantin Chernenko, Russ - 1989 & SC Atlantic 2010 - 2012.

IMO: 8325432.

Class: Ice-Strengthened (1B ice-class) Expedition Ship.

Tonnage: 12,798 GRT (Gross Registered Ton).

Length: 140 m - 459 ft.

Beam (Width): 21 m - 69 ft.

Draught: 5.8 m - 19 ft.

Main Engines: 4 x Sulzer 6ZL40/48 (3200 kW ea. @ 530 rpm ) => Total: 12800 kW.

Propellers: 2 x CP Propellers @ 220 rpm / 3.7 m dia. 4 bladed.

Speed: 12 knots cruising speed, 15 knots maximum.

Thrusters: 1 x 588 kW FP Thruster fwd.
2 x 368 kW Tunnel Thrusters aft.

Passengers: 198, 204 maximum.

Crew: 151.

Auxiliary Engine/Generator: 4 x Sulzer 8AL 25/30 ( 1000 kW ea. @ 750 rpm ) => Total: 4000 kW.

Voltage: 380 / 220 V, 50 Hz a.c.

Stabilizers: 2 x Electrofin SR-4 (P/S).

Air Conditioning: Fully Air Conditioned.

Covered Lifeboats: 4.

Zodiac’s: 20.


The MV Ocean Atlantic is an excellent value for money Expedition Arctic Ship!


Deck Plan & Accommodations are found on Page Two

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