MV Majestic Princess to cruise from Sydney Australia during the summer of 2018 - 2019

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The grandiose 144,216 Gross registered Ton MV Majestic Princess is the very latest cruise ship to enter into service for Princess Cruises on March 31, 2017, and she is the third of the acclaimed “Royal-Class” of ships to be completed. Her sister ship’s are as follows; to the second ship to be completed, the Regal Princess, which entered service in May 2014.

MV Regal Princess is seen departing on May 16, 2014 for her Maiden Voyage from Trieste to Venice via Kotor

The first ship of this class to be built was based on a revolutionary new design that offered countless new and exciting features that are now found on all three ships. The first of the trio is the Royal Princess, which entered service from Southampton in June 2013.

Interestingly the Royal Princess and the Regal Princess’ did not feature the traditional blue Princess “Sea Witch” logo as is seen draped over the Majestic Princess’ bow, and were thus painted all white as can seen above on the Regal Princess photograph above.

A close up of the Sea Witch Logo on the Majestic Princess

The keel of the third Royal-Class ship was laid on July 10, 2015 and her name “Majestic Princess” was officially announced October 9, 2015. However, it was also announced, considering that she would spend much of her time based in China, that she will conjointly have the Chinese name of “Shèngshì Gongzhu Hào,” This name was selected by Carnival’s China employees and by interpretation it means “Grand World” or “Grand Spirit.”

Offering the ultimate in premium cruising, the Majestic Princess features 13 dining options, including two restaurants with menus designed by Michelin star chefs: “Harmony by Chef Richard Chen and “La Mer by Chef Emmanuel Renaut. You will be able to enjoy the multi-level Piazza style Atrium, as well as the more than 1,000 square metres of designer shopping onboard.

The ships Grand Piazza style Atrium, featuring the international Café, Pizzeria

Ocean Terrace Bar and Shopping galore and various other facilities

not to forget the cruise line’s largest ever Thermal Suite. Her design includes - “Movies Under the Stars,” but, the Majestic Princess has one of the largest outdoor ocean going screens ever created. In addition, you will discover a semi circular glass-floor walkway that extends a good 28ft - 8.5m beyond the edge of the ship.

Her Schedules:

The Majestic Princess commenced cruising around Europe during the summer of 2017, commencing on April 4. Thereafter, she was home-ported in Shanghai, making her the first international cruise ship to exclusively serve the Chinese market on a year-round basis.

Australia Bound:

However, it was announced by Princess Cruises, on April 12, 2017 that the Majestic Princess will head for Australia, and be based in Sydney during the “austral summer season” from September 15, 2018 to March 2019. Read our special News item regarding her Australian cruise duties on Page Three. (Link located at the bottom of the page).

Entertainment & Lounges:

Piazza Style Atrium: This is the heart and soul of the ship.

The inviting “piazza-style” grand Atrium shines as the stunning centrepiece of the ship, and thus it is the epicentre of luxury, excitement, and fun. Stop by anytime, day or night, to find musicians, jugglers, acrobats, food carvers and a variety of other performers.

Spanning over three levels, the Grand Piazza has a large circular marble floor, glass domed ceiling and a magnificent floating staircase, this Italian-inspired Atrium is an ideal setting for relaxation, people watching or simply having a cocktail, a coffee and a snack with a friend or go shopping.

Princess Theatre: This is the perfect venue for grand Broadway-style productions at sea, offering dazzling stage sets, artists from around the globe, modern hits and timeless classics. The Princess Theatre, our largest theatre yet, showcases lavish, original productions with dynamic cast members in sumptuous surroundings.

A view of the unobstructed multi level Princess Theatre

In this ultramodern theatre, relax in a plush seat with unobstructed sight lines as the velvet curtain goes up, a state-of-the-art lighting system illuminates the stage, and a complete surround sound system, thus it is on with the show!

Broadway-Style shows: these are crafted by some of the world’s top and most remarkable directors and choreographers, each of the dynamic Princess productions will transport you to realms as exotic as the destinations you will visit.

It is Showtime!

Imaginative shows created in-house, featuring dazzling stage sets, Broadway classics, popular hits, and original numbers performed by some of the largest and most talented casts at sea.

Featured Guest Artists: At night stars shine bright on one of the ships stages. Grab a seat, order a cocktail, and be prepared to be entertained by the line-up of world-class entertainers. From magic to comedy, singers to instrumentalists, jugglers to balancing acts and much, much more.

Guest Artists performing their comedy routine, which includes a juggling act and a touch of magic!

Princess continually search the globe for top talent to be featured on their ships. So get ready to be amazed, entertained, mesmerized, or just laugh the night away!

Music and Dancing: When it comes to music and dancing, the Majestic Princess will have everything your musical palette could possibly desire. Whether it is tapping your toes to cover bands, singing along in the piano bar, relaxing to classical strings or dancing the night away in the nightclub, be assured, you will be more than satisfied!

Lounges and Bars: Be assured that the Majestic princess has the perfect Lounge or a bar to suit just about every mood, each offering a wide array of colourful cocktails, cold brews, stellar wines and more.


Having a drink with friends in one of the many on board bars

Tropical and refreshing or complex and ethereal, the spectacular creations prepared by Princess’ “mixologists” are celebrated by cocktail aficionados on cruises around the world. Explore a variety of refreshingly different tastes while watching a sunset or dancing to the latest tunes.

Internet Café & Library: You can keep in touch while cruising at sea. The Internet Café is filled with computers thus it’s easy to access your email account or browse the Internet for world news, sports or checking the stock exchange and  see how it is trading. You can also bring your own electronic devices and access the Internet through our improved onboard wireless service.

The Princess Internet Café and Library

The Internet Café is open 24 hours a day. However, for those looking to absorb a more traditional type of reading matter, the onboard library is fully stocked with up to 2,000 books, many specifically tailored to your itinerary as well as classics and best sellers.

Vegas Style Casino: Perfect for novices, casual players, or the high rollers! From gaming lessons to the latest slot machines to prize tournaments, the Casino’s on board offer fun and excitement. If you enjoy blackjack, or “21,” the Vegas Casino tables play by actual Vegas rules and if you relish the challenge of roulette, we offer the American version. Our craps tables also allow you take your best shot at becoming a high roller. Want to try “Texas Hold ’Em”? Our “PokerPro®” table shuffles, deals, splits pots and generates side pots instantly.

The elegant, but understated “Vegas Style Casino” is divided in the main Casino venue seen above

The High Rollers venue located portside and the secluded Private Room is just forward of the H/Rollers

Not being a casino player, the author has no idea what all the latter is about, and frankly, I do not care either! But for those who enjoy a game here or there, it is more that available on then Majestic princess, as she is mostly based in China and thus she has one of the largest Casino facilities of any Princess ship!

Other Special Venues:

The SeaWalk: The dramatic over-the-ocean glass “SeaWalk” is the first of its kind at sea. At 60ft - 18.3m long, cantilevered 128ft - 39m above the waves and extending 28ft - 8.5m beyond the edge of the ship, it affords thrilling vistas of the ever-changing seascape. Just as the Captain can look through glass panels in the floor of the bridge, passengers can now share in that breathtaking experience.

The amazing 128ft - 39m above the ocean glass and steel SeaWalk

However, right across the ship is “The SeaView Bar” that goes one-step further as it also have a glass panelled floor and their drinks are prepared more like an exciting show that has flair. Of course both have unparalleled views of the blue sea.

Movies Under the Stars: Throughout the day and night, Majestic Princess’ exclusive open-air poolside amphitheatre is the go-to destination for feature Movies, exciting concerts and those awaited sporting events such as live football games.

An overhead view of the giant screen, with the fountains at play amidships, prior to the screening

Why not cosy up under a fleece blanket in a comfortable sun lounger and feast on complimentary fresh-popped popcorn in the evening or delicious cookies and milk during the day, and enjoy that exciting car chase or mystery thriller on the largest screen ever created at sea.

Princess® Watercolour Fantasy Show: A spectacle of water dances to music - Invite all in the family to behold the sight of water as it comes to life during this dazzling outdoor extravaganza. Everyone will “ooh and aah” as the night-sky lights up with a mesmerizing spectacle of water dancing to the sounds of music.

A fine view over the deck towards the giant screen, with the fountains at play with the deck set up for a screeing

While brightly coloured lights illuminate the water, you will see a captivating show of waltzes, pirouettes with the fountains shooting water up to 33ft - 10m high, all choreographed to glorious music.

Hollywood Conservatory: Stroll through this beautiful indoor garden located 150ft - 45.7m above the sparkling ocean. You will be welcomed by the sound of chirping birds in this lush garden environment complete with plush resort furniture. Listen to intimate musical performances by live musicians, and play a game of chess using life-sized pieces.

The peaceful and relaxing Hollywood Conservatory

A Wishing Wall, the first of its kind at sea, allows guests to share their dreams on a mosaic tile wall. Come and discover a garden paradise high above the sea!

Hollywood Pool Club: This covered pool offers a Hollywood chic-style environment day and night, year-round, surrounded by comfortable loungers, modern sculptures, and topiaries. By day, relax in the freshwater pool or soak in the steaming hot tubs, the glass dome keeps both the water and the environment comfortable despite outside weather.

By night, the pool transforms into a luxurious nightclub, with a top-quality sound system and atmospheric lighting.

Lotus Spa & The Enclave: Come and spoil yourself, by just opening the door to “The Enclave,” and you will enter Princess’ largest-ever thermal suite and a dramatic hydro-therapy pool with a cascading rain shower and therapeutic air jets.


Above & below: Here is a venue that has to be experienced to be believed, as there are many options

Including Sauna’s, and various other amazing treats, all to spoil the body and yourself!


You may also relax on heated stone beds or soothing waterbeds. Other features include: “The Hammam,” a Turkish-style steam bath, and from Roman times there is the “Caldarium” a light steam chamber infused with herbal aromas and the “Laconium” a heated, dry chamber to help with purification and detoxification of the body.

The Lotus Spa Fitness Center: This fine facility offers fitness programs designed to help you maximize your wellness with Tour de Cycle, personal training and classes such as Pilates, Yoga, Body Sculpt Boot Camp, Results Based Training and TRX suspension training.

A Gym with an amazing view, but it offers much more than just that as you will have read!

The Fitness Center also features state-of-the-art equipment so you can tone on your own. Thus, there is a host of ways to get an energizing workout.

The Majestic Princess has a host of sports facilities, such as a Jogging Track, Mini Golf on the Greens as well as a Driving Range. In addition there are all the usual Deck sports and games as well as the pools and water sports, etc! Thus, for those who enjoy keeping busy wit a game or two, there are many opportunities enjoying either a private game with friends, or join one of the many organised tournaments arranged by the Entertainment staff.


The ships tennis court located just aft of the funnel on Sports Deck – 18



The Majestic Princess is seen at sea bound for another fascinating and exotic destination!

Included Dining:

Indulge your appetite whenever you wish whilst on a Princess cruise. Every hour, their chefs are busy baking, grilling and sautéing such great-tasting fare from scratch. The Majestic Princess offers unparalleled inclusive dining options throughout the ship with a wide range of culinary delights to suit any palate, from endless buffet choice to gourmet pizza, frosty treats, decadent desserts and much more.

Traditional Style Dining: Indulge in the classic cruise experience as you hark back to the Golden Era of Ocean Travel, Majestic Princess’ “Traditional Dining” option allows you to dine at the same time each day and enjoy your private table for two, four or more if you so wish and dine with the same tablemates and waiters throughout your cruise.

You may choose from either an early or a late seating.

Any Time Dining: Just like a fine restaurant at home, “Anytime Dining” provides guests the freedom to dine when and with whom they wish, at any time between 5:30 pm and 10 pm.

Dinner for two or with friends, the choice is yours

Reservations can be made through an onboard dining hotline, however, it is not required, and diners may choose to dine at a table for two, only with their own group, or be seated with other guests. The choice is entirely yours.

World Fresh Marketplace: The “World Fresh Marketplace” boasts separate food stations from all around the world, offering an endless variety of regional favourites and customizable options for every palate. The new “East Meets West” street food specialty counter features comfort foods like French crepes, Asian noodles, German grilled sausages and delicheos Asian Satays’ to name just a few!

The Bakery serves “made-from-scratch” Western, European and Asian breads and pastries. This is no old style Buffet, but an improved version, offering the world of fresher food and greater options that in the past!

International Café: The Café is open 24-hours a day, and it is located in the Piazza. It is the place for an ever-changing array of small bite snacks, treats, and gourmet beverages. Grab a freshly baked croissant to start your day, snack on pies and quiche, or choose from a wide variety of salads and sandwiches at lunchtime, and indulge in decadent desserts in the evening.

The main seating area aft of the International Cafe

Coffee and tea fans will love the New Grounds Crafted Coffee menu featuring a variety of specialty espresso-based drinks made from a custom blend of coffee beans, as well as iced tea fusions. (Beverage charges apply). 

The Bakery: A world of sweets, and fine treats from near and far. An endless assortment of mouth-watering treats awaits you at “The Bakery,” from fresh pie and cakes to decadent pastries and so much more.

All you have to do is enter in order to enjoy the amazing treats to be found at The bakery!

The Bakery serves Western, European and Asian flavours and all come fresh from the oven.

Chopsticks Noodle Bar: Here you will find freshly prepared noodle soups and classic wok-fried noodle dishes that will make for the perfect light repast with an Asian twist.

Great food is to be found at the Chopstick and Noodle Bar

Enjoy favourites such as Sichuan Dan-Dan Noodles and Wonton Noodle Soup in a casual setting on deck, plus special menu items rotated daily.

24-hr Room Service: From breakfast in bed to a late-night nosh. Available is a “24-hour complimentary Room Service” when you want to enjoy a quiet moment in your stateroom or suite, enjoying a delicious club sandwich or why not that slice of chocolate fudge cake you just cannot forget.

In room family fun, with coffee and juice as well as some fine pastries from the Bakery

Treat yourself to breakfast in bed, or stay in for an intimate dinner, and perhaps even have cocktails in the comfort of your stateroom. 24-hour Room Service is just a phone call away. (Charges apply on select menu and beverage items).

Specialty Dining:

Harmony: Cantonese Classics from Chef Richard Chen. A specialty restaurant created in partnership with the former chef of Wing Lei – the first Chinese restaurant in North America awarded a Michelin star.

This is fine Cantonese Asian dinning in the most elegant of surroundings

Harmony, features Chef Richard Chen’s interpretation of classic Cantonese dishes. Chef Chen’s innovative plates demonstrate impeccable technique with a masterful balance of ingredients and flavors.

La-Mer: A French Bistro-Style Fare with a Modern Twist. Head to the lively atrium to savour casual French bistro-style dining with a modern twist at La Mer, created with Chef Emmanuel Renaut, who holds the prestigious title of “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (Best Craftsmen of France) and Chef of the Year by Le Chef, and whose Flocons de Sel restaurant has received three Michelin stars.


Above & below: La Mer has seems to have that feel and atmosphere of the old centre of New Orleans

In addition we see some circular tables along a beautiful decorative wall covered with plates


Chef Renaut has created a tantalizing menu, show casing authentic French dishes crafted with the Chef’s signature flair.

Crown Grill: With a rich wood décor and a theater-style kitchen, it’s no wonder Crown Grill was named among the “Best Cruise Ship Steakhouses” by USA TODAY. Featuring premium aged beef and fresh seafood items, this specialty restaurant offers an intimate dining experience in a classically elegant setting and an open kitchen where chefs prepare and cook to order top-quality cuts of beef, chops and seafood.

The elegantly timbered and tiled Restaurant sets the perfect scene for a evening of dinning at its very finest!

Chef’s Table Lumiere: An extraordinary treat for both gastronomes and gourmet novices, the Chef’s Table Lumiere is a perfect culinary journey for any special occasion. Join a select group of guests for a behind-the-scenes galley tour with champagne and hors d’oeuvres, followed by an extravagant multi-course dinner created and hosted by the ship’s executive chef.

The Chef’s Table Lumiere is without a doubt the ships most elegant, and only round table intimate restaurant

This is a must do dining experience, for there is nothing like it anywhere else!

This experience is perfect for celebrating an anniversary or milestone, or just making your cruise so much more amazing.

Ocean Terrace: The Ocean Terrace seafood bar is ideal for those who love to feast on the bounty from the sea. This stylish bar offers an array of ocean treasures, including a flight of oyster shooters, sushi and sashimi, ahi tuna poke, king crab cocktail, chili and lime crab margarita, a royal lobster dish, and the world-renowned smoked Balik salmon, the salmon of the tsars.

Just looking at these scallops makes me so very hungry!

An “A la carte” pricing system makes it easy to pick and choose from the vast selection here

Lobster & Dim Sum Bar: On deck dining with big flavours. This relaxed al fresco eatery on deck is the place to indulge in Grilled Lobster, Kung Pao Lobster or Salt & Pepper Lobster, all served with hearty sides.

Is this dining section not making you desiring to book a cruise as soon as possible?

For an additional treat or an afternoon snack, you can also choose from three different varieties of delectable Dim Sum.

Ultimate Balcony Dining: Why not choose your private Dining Room, the one that has a great ocean view. Choose a luxurious breakfast or experience the “ultimate” romantic dinner at sea: a sumptuous multi-course meal, including succulent lobster tail and juicy steak, your beverage of choice, hors d’oeuvres, all served right on the privacy of your own balcony by our dedicated waiters. Treat yourself to this unparalleled indulgence and savour food, views and memories that will never be forgotten.

Majestic Princess is seen at anchor whilst on a European Cruise in April 2016


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