Scottish new built steel-hulled small cruise-ships, the M/V Glen Etive & Glen Shiel

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Page Two

On Page One we covered the beginnings of all four vessels, as well as the interiors and exteriors of the M/V Glen Massan and Glen Tarsan, with a “Food and Dining on board” feature and cruise reviews.

On this, Page Two I will cover the two latest vessels added to the fleet, the newly constructed M/V Glen Etive completed in 2016, and the Glen Shiel in 2019. However if you have arrived on this page via a search engine and you would like to visit page one first, as it contains “The Majestic Line” beginnings and its great success, as well as their two first two amazing mini-cruise vessels, the M/V Glen Massan and Glen Tarsan, which are greatly loved for their remarkable history! Enter Page One HERE.

The 2019 completed M/V Glen Shiel the newest vessel in the fleet, is almost

ready to depart on one of her longer cruises of the West Coast of Scotland


The Majestic Line - West Coast Cruises Map



All four “The Majestic Line” mini-cruise vessels are seen together


M/V Glen Etive & Glen Shiel Interiors & Exteriors

These two fine small cruise vessels have been designed to retain all that is so popular on the two original boas in the fleet, but with many new innovations, such as an; all steel hull and double the public venue space. But I will cover this shortly when I come to Main Deck.

The M/V Glen Etive is seen at Mallaig (North of Oban)

Upper Deck: Once again this deck is a full walk-around deck with a narrow viewing deck forward; the Bridge of course, like on all vessels is open to the Guests on board guests, with the chart room and Captains quarters located directly aft.

A more modern looking wheelhouse, but in the centre there is still a wooden & brass steering wheel

Further aft there is the spacious Sun Deck, which is a popular place both day and in the evening, as guests enjoy spending time here having a drink with new found friends after dinner, and there is no doubt, but the stars simply look brilliant from this deck.


Above & below: Sun Deck, without and with happy passengers enjoying themselves on this deck!


Main Deck: On this deck we find many new changes, compared to the first two vessels, as forward on this deck is a spacious new venue.

Life on the M/V Glen Etive and the Glen Shiel is centred on the Main Deck, as forward we discover the new spacious full-width of the vessel “Guest Saloon, which is beautifully furnished with fine comfortable lounge chairs as well as tables and chairs and a Bar along the aft wall, there is also a library facility, and a flat screen TV. Windows are located on both sides as well as looking to forward over the bow. This elegant venue is a delightful place to relax or spend time with your fellow passengers and enjoy a drink, play cards or another game that are available, or just read a book when you wish some quiet time.


Above & below: The Guest Saloon on the Glen Etive seen portside looking forward starboard & looking aft to the Bar



A cosy corner of the Guest Saloon looking aft on the Glen Shiel

The short hall to the left only leads to stairs to Lower Deck cabins

In the Saloon there are several staircases, one going down to the forward crew quarters, and one to cabins on Lower Deck and on the Glen Etive one up to Upper Deck.

As we head aft to amidships we find that there is just one cabin located on the portside, and it has a window that opens with the bathroom located along the forward wall.

The bathrooms on board are all fitted with a shower, washbasin, toilet, as well as a hair dryer and there are a fine range of luxury locally-made toiletries.

On the starboard side on both vessels is the Galley that prepares all those outstanding meals, in the hallway there are also storage rooms and a Guest WC.

The Dining Room is located aft, and guests will dine communal-style at one long table for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Menus showcase some really fine Scottish produce, including fish and shellfish which had been obtained fresh in the morning, as well as the highest quality of lamb, beef, venison, local cheeses and preserves. With dinner fine wines are included which are excellent, whilst complimentary teas, coffees, soft drinks, fruit and snacks are available throughout the day. Other drinks are available from a reasonably priced Bar list.

The crew will serve tea and coffee on request, and if passengers are not out on excursions there is also morning coffee and afternoon tea with home-made biscuits and/or cakes.


Above: The Glen Etive Dining Saloon looking forward, and the Dining table is placed across the vessel

Below: A view of the Dining Saloon looking aft, and there is other seating available in this venue



The Dining Saloon on board the Glen Shiel

As we head out to the Aft Deck and on the Glen Etive there are two tables with four chairs at each table, whilst on the Glen Shiel there is one large oval table with ten chairs around it. Often morning or afternoon tea may be served out here, or when a lunchtime Seafood buffet is served, some prefer to sit outside.

A typical Morning and/or Afternoon Tea

Externally there is a deck around the Dining Saloon, as well as a spacious viewing deck far forward, which is accessible by a door in the “Guest Saloon” located far forward.

Lower Deck: This deck has six Cabins all having queen sized beds, which can be made up as twin bedded rooms. The same details apply as per the cabin on Main Deck as all cabins have the same facilities, except there cabins have portholes. However, the ships are fully ventilated and there is ample fresh air throughout the vessels.

Here we see a cabin made up as a twin bedded room, many American couples prefer it

Far forward on Lower Deck are the comfortable crew’s quarters as The Majestic Line looks after their crew extremely well indeed as a happy crew is a good crew, whilst far aft is the engine room.

The Majestic Line Crews:

On each vessel there is a crew of four who look after their guests every possible need. Each vessel has the man at the helm, your friendly and informative Skipper, then there is the amazingly talented Chef, the Engineer who keeps the engines runnel as well as everything else perfectly, but he also has many other talents, and then there is the wonderful Steward. The steward together with another crew member will also act as deckhands, etc and do various other jobs topside.

Left to right: Captain Neil, Engineer Ray, Stewardess Claire and the Chef Gordon

There will be a different crew on each of the vessels, and at times they may also rotate, but regardless the crew you will have, as I have been advised by those who have already sailed with Majestic on a number of occasions, each crew has proven to be outstanding, well-trained and exceedingly knowledgeable, thus they always tend to receive a 5 Star Rating.

You will soon discover that all of them enjoy telling stories of the regions you are passing or visiting and they will point out the wildlife encountered along the way. The captain will point out a whale, a group of porpoises or a swooping eagle nearby the vessel. There is so much to see both on the water and, yes ashore as wildlife abounds!

Porpoises seen in the Sound of Mull

Photograph by & Robert Murray

In fact, the chef may well take you up on deck and point out a highland stag who is bellowing on a still night. One passenger wrote regarding the crew in a review:

“They looked after us in a 5-star fashion ensuring that the tea (or coffee for coffee lovers) just flowed, and freshly baked scones or cakes, that were simply to die for, as well as biscuits abounded, on each cruise we have been on there has always been such great camaraderie and good humour aboard. Thus with a small number of passengers on any one cruise the calibre of crew is absolutely vital, and they have obviously been chosen for their love of their job as well as people, and it clearly shows. This being our third cruise with Majestic Lines, we will certainly do it all again on another itinerary, for the voyages are just amazing.”

It is note worthy that the newest vessel the M/V Glen Shiel has twin engines and stabilisers that will enable her to travel further in greater comfort to reaching outlying destinations such as St Kilda and do this much faster than the other vessels.

The newest of the Majestic Line’s vessels the M/V Glen Shiel


M/V Glen Etive & Glen Shiel Deck Plans


Enter a larger version of this Deck Plan, click the link below:

M/V Glen Massan & Glen Tarsan Deck Plans


Each day discover more spectacular scenery from the deck of your cruise vessel

A Message by “The Majestic Line” regarding Itineraries:

The following is from “The Majestic Line” 2020 brochure:

“Using the wealth of knowledge we have built up over the years and from listening to guest feedback, we have developed an enticing range of 3-night, 6-night and 10-night itineraries cruising across six main areas: the Southern Hebrides and the Clyde, the Inner Hebridean island of Mull, the Isle of Skye and the Small Isles, the heart of Scotland via the Caledonian Canal, our newly introduced North West Coast route and the pristine Outer Hebrides and St Kilda.

Whether you are looking for a taster cruise or an epic adventure to the very edge of the western isles, we have it covered.

On every cruise there is a choice of stopovers: the Skipper decides on the perfect cruising itinerary depending on local wind, weather and tide conditions. Oban is currently the port of Embarkation for all departures”.

Puffins on the island of Lunga


Around 10 kilometres north of the volcanic island of Staffa (west of Mull) is the island of Lunga, many are totally unprepared for the spectacular wildlife awaiting them on this very special island.

On Lunga you will discover some amazing wildlife experiences such as viewing Puffins, Seals, Guillemots and Razorbills, there will be barely a single empty nesting spot among the high cliffs of this tiny island.

And believe it or not, Puffins are certainly shy and usually you will be able to get as close as one meter to them, sometimes even less. This always seems to be just one more of the many highlights during a west coast of Scotland and Hebridean cruise.

And here is a pair of Razorbills on Lunga


Here we see a Red Deer on the Estate on Kinloch Castle on the Isle of Muck

“The Majestic Line” cruises are designed to reveal the hidden beauty of the sheltered lochs and islands of the West Coast of Scotland and the Hebrides, which have been undiscovered by visitors to the region for so long, but they are so well known to Directors and Owners Mr. Andy Thoms and Ken Grant, who not only live there, but have sailed throughout the region for most of their lives. Guests on a Majestic Line cruise have frequently said it seems that is was if they had “left the world behind” and that “time stood still”. The Majestic Line constantly receives positive feedback from their guests and as I have already shown on Page One and above, this is absolutely due to the wonderful, fully dedicated crews on their much loved mini-cruise ships, and they provide an exceptional and a 5-Star standard of hospitality, cuisine and a cruise experience that is not soon forgotten.

The Majestic Line Cruises main aim is to amaze and delight their guests on one of their four remarkable vessels, as they take their guests to most idyllic and scenic places, providing an excellent range of shore excursions and pamper their


Enter Page One for the M/V Glen Massan & Glen Tarsan

and how “The Majestic Line” began & so much more



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Bon Voyage!

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