MV Astoria due to sail her final Cruise for with Cruise & Maritime Voyages on October 19, 2020

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Built as a fine Swedish Passenger Liner, but later she became a much loved Cruise Ship

She is a Ship with 11 names, those shown in bold are important during her 72 year history.


MS Stockholm VI, MS Völkerfreundschaft, Volker, Fridtjof Nansen, Italia I,

MV Italia Prima, Vultur Prima, Caribe, MV Athena and Azores ...

Still sailing after 72 years of her delivery and she is currently named MV Astoria.


The elegant MV Astoria seen as she is today


MV Astoria will sail her final Cruise for Cruise & Maritime Voyages on October 19, 2020,

13 night “Norway & Land of the Northern Lights” Cruise. (Itinerary & fares below the MV Athena story.

The delightful classic cruise ship the MV Astoria will sail her final season with Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV) later in 2020. She has been in the CMV fleet since January 2015. Considering that there will be two new ships added to the CMV fleet in 2021, the company has announced it will sadly no longer have any use for the 550 passenger Astoria.

The author seen on her bridge wing when she was the delightful MV Athena whilst sailing

through the Suez Canal on April 1, 2011 during a line voyage from Australia to Portsmouth, UK

The Astoria day’s as the MV Athena in Australia:

Australian’s remember this fine cruise ship well from her days when she was based in Fremantle (Perth) Western Australia, for ast that time she was under the ownership of the brilliant “Classic International Cruises” as the greatly loved MV Athena. The author sailed on her from Fremantle Western Australia to Portsmouth England on two occasions, first via Asia, the Suez Canal on March 6, 2011 and again to the UK, via South Africa on April 14, 2012. Although I have sailed on a 106 night around the world cruise with Princess Cruises, and many line voyages to and from the UK with P&O UK, our two MV Athena voyages were by far superior and a better experience to those on P&O and especially on Princess! In fact my experience in March 2008 on “Classic International Cruises” smaller cruise ship, being the 1961 completed MV Funchal was also outstanding and yes she is also still afloat and in pristine condition!

MV Athena seen in Phuket on March 15, 2011 during the authors cruise from Australia to the UK

I have written an extensive six page review that includes countless photographs of all her facilities and accommodations. Links can be found on my official ssmaritime MS Stockholm History page located below, as well an extensive history of the ship from construction in 1948 to her time to day!

This is MV Astoria’s Final Cruise:

She will depart Hull, United Kingdom on Sunday October 18, 2020 for her 13 night “Norway & Land of the Northern Lights Cruise.” Cruise Code: R026. Fare from AU$2,029 for an Inside cabin to AU$7,909 for the Owners Suite.


October 19, depart Hull 3 pm.

October 20, full day in Bergen.

October 21, full day in Åndalsnes.

October 23, full day in Tromso

October 24, full day in Honningsvåg for North Cape.

October 25 & 26, full day and to 2.00 am in Alta.

October 28, Morning in Ålesund.

October 29, full day in Stavanger.

October 31, arrive Hull 5.30 am.



Above we see the wonderful MV Astoria

Below we see the ship as built, the MS Stockholm IV departing on her maiden voyage on February 21, 1948




Her Names from construction in 1948 until today 2020, are … :

MS Stockholm 1948–1960.

Völkerfreundschaft 1960–1985.

Volker 1985–1986.

Fridtjof Nansen 1986–1993.

Italia I 1993–1994.

MV Italia Prima 1994–1998 - She was completely stripped down to her steel hull and rebuilt into a new ship.

Valtur Prima 1998–2002.

Caribe 2002–2005.

MV Athena 2005–2013.

Azores 2013–2016.

MV Astoria 2016 -

For bookings on Astoria’s final voyages see your travel Agent or …




Visit the MS Stockholm, MV Athena & MV Astoria for her History & Photo & Review Pages

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Although 2020 has been a tragic year for the entire world especially the Cruise Industry, and all who love cruising, but I pray that it will soon pass and we will soon be able to return to the ships we love to sail on! But in the meantime, please stay Safe and Healthy!

Reuben Goossens.



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