The innovative new MSC Seaside is a floating Condo and Resort at Sea

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Please Note: All images in this feature were provided by MSC Cruises

Images shown are mostly advance artist impressions, when completed, the actual venues may differ somewhat


The innovative MV MSC Seaside is likened to a floating Condo and Resort at sea, and at 323m - 1,059.8ft long and having a Gross Registered Tonnage of 154,000 GRT, she will be accommodate a maximum capacity of 5,179 guests, using all berths, but

MSC Seaside is the first of two identical ships in this new design, being the “Seaside Class” of ships as her sister ship is due to enter service in 2018. A third ship is planned for 2021.

This is a brand new style of cruise ship, that that has been designed to pay tribute to the great outdoors for she has been carefully designed with sun worshippers in mind. The “Seaside Class” is said to be inspired by a “Beach Condo” concept, bringing her guests and the ocean closer.

MSC Seaside seen from the air

Mr. Gianni Onorato, CEO of MSC Cruises said:

“This prototype is significantly different to anything we have ever built before as this is a ship dedicated to cruising in warm seas. The design of the ship embodies our passion for the sea with innovative features to enhance the enjoyment of the open water and sunshine for our guests. With the highest ratio of outdoor spaces on any of MSC Cruises’ ships, guests will also enjoy an increased number of balcony cabins, sea views and public areas.”

MSC Seaside being the very first of MSC’s next-generation “Seaside Class” ship is the largest cruise ship ever to be constructed by her builder, Fincantieri of Monfalcone Italy. The first steel cutting took place on June 22, 2015 at Monfalcone. Then the her keel was officially laid at the shipyard on March 4, 2016, and the new ship was then floated out (launched) of the shipyard on November 26, 2016 and taken out to her fit-out berth. The MSC Seaside is to date the largest cruise ship ever built and completed by the Fincantieri Shipyard.

Maiden Voyage:

MSC Seaside will depart Venice, Italy on Friday December 1, 2017 and she will then head for Miami, United States, calling at the following ports of call; Valletta - Malta, Palma de Mallorca -  Spain, Barcelona - Spain, Cadiz - Spain, Funchal - Portugal, Philipsburg - St. Maarten, Charlotte Amalie - Virgin Island and San Juan - Puerto Rico arriving in  Miami on Sunday December 21.

Having arrived at Port of Miami and berthed at a fully renovated, enlarged dedicated berth and terminal for the MSC Seaside, there will be an official naming ceremony on December 22, 2017 and she will commence on one of her 7-night Caribbean cruises.

Ports and “Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve”:

*MSC Seaside offers two 7-night Caribbean itineraries;

1… Miami, Ochos Rios - Jamaica, George Town - Cayman Islands, Cozumel - Mexico, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, Miami.

2… Miami, Charlotte Amalie - St Thomas, Nassau - Bahamas, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, Miami.

*Subject to change.

“Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve” is an Bahamian Island, being an exclusive 95-acre or 38.5 hectares Island, offering a special experience, which is exclusively available to MSC Cruise passengers as it has been leased by MSC for the next 100-years.

“Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve” has 3.5km - 11,400ft of pristine beachfront spread across six distinct beaches. MSC has constructed a purpose built pier and berth on the seafront, meaning that guests can step directly from the ship onto this superb Island that will offer a host of facilities, even a Yacht Club. The Island will also offer live music around the Island and entertainment in a 2,000 seat open air Amphitheatre, as well as there being shops, restaurants, and bars.

The Innovative MSC Seaside:

MSC Seaside offers a brand new style of cruise experience, and although at 154,000 gross tons she is a big ship however, her designers have somehow designed her in a way that her guests will have that intimate atmosphere onboard, and that is what will make this great ship so unique. Below are just some of her amazing features.


The ships Main Atrium is delicately designed using a pale colour scheme of off white, pale blues and light greys. The lowest level is on deck 5, which has the Reception desk, as well as the Seaside Bar.

A beautiful and tastefully designed Atrium and the Seaside Bar

Level 6 is mostly occupied with the Pre-Dinner bar, as well as the Excursions Deck. The Champagne bar and a watch shop are located on Deck 7. The top level of the Atrium contains the delightful La Boehme Bistro as well as a small MSC Shop. Both sides of this level the wall is covered by floor to ceiling glass, with super thin (but strong) frames, giving unobstructed views over the outdoor curved outdoor Catwalks and thus the ocean.

Condominium Towers:

Look at how the ship is built. Miami’s South Beach was the inspiration of the first condominium “towers” ever built on a cruise ship. Cabins the like you have never seen before. Magnificent views and you feel like you are at a resort.


Above & below: As can be seen, the aft section of the ship looks more like a Condominium than a traditional ships superstructure


Chasing the sun:

The new Condo style vessel will offer guests terraced balcony cabins where they are able to unwind and relax in the sun on their own private verandah overlooking the promenade and with views out over the sea. There are 14 Aurea Suites that have views to the side of the ship as well aft over the stern, including views of the South Beach Pool down on Deck 7.

The South Beach Pool with the 14 Aurea Suites above

As well as strolling along the Mediterranean-style waterfront, guests on board can stay in one of two Wellness Cabins which feature fitness equipment; or explore the MSC Yacht Club on the foredecks where there is a private solarium, a private lounge and restaurant.

Outdoor Catwalks:

The ship features three outdoor catwalks that will extend well beyond the side (edge) of the ship, having glass floors to walk on and glass railings giving you the feeling as if you are walking on water. There will be three catwalks with glass balustrades and a glass floor.

Here we see the massive outdoor Seaside Catwalks, but even the

indoor spaces have all glass walls giving amazing ocean views!

The catwalk on the top deck spans 30 metres with views from the top of the ship; the other two are located on Deck 8, are 40 metres in length, and are part of a 360-degree open-air promenade.

Outdoor Dining like never Before:

This stunning public space encircles the entire ship with a tempting array of Bars and Restaurants in order that you can enjoy outdoor dining day or night. Nine brand new restaurants will debut on this MSC ship for the first time ever!

MSC Seaside will offer indoor and outdoor restaurants featuring cuisines from around the world and 20 distinct Bars each with their own individual character. Details further down the feature.

Passengers walking on the wide Seaside Catwalk (Promenade) next to the “Marketplace Buffet” on Deck 8

Waterfront Promenade:

On some ships, you will have seen a grand central interior promenade, but what about placing it on the “exterior of the ship.”  This is the first ship ever designed exclusively for ‘warm weather’ so the giant promenade wraps around the ship offering a variety of places to shop, eat and play.

The extra wide and the railing is all glass for ocean views, the amzing Waterfront Promenade also connects with the amazing Catwalks

Panoramic Lifts are located at the seafront and and they are unlike anything you will have ever seen before!

Topside there is huge open-air deck spaces, including on Deck 17 & 18, where you will find the open air Panorama Pool and it own Bar with the Giant LCD Movie Screen located aft.

The spacious Sun Deck, Panorama Pool and Movie screen

As MSC Seaside will be sailing year round from Miami to the Caribbean the MSC Seaside will take full advantage of the good weather conditions of the region.

Staggering Entertainment & Leisure Facilities:

The entertainment spaces on board MCS Seaside have been designed to offer a wide choice of performances and shows with a new Theatre and Comedy Club.

The Comedy Club and Bar

Other features include family entertainment such as a full-sized bowling alley and a 5D cinema. Smart features even include interactive photo galleries. She will also feature a multi level new Theatre - Showroom which will provide a vast variety of performances and there is even a full sized Ten Pinbowling alley.

The multi level Metropolitan Theatre


There is even a Bowling Alley for some great fun

Thrill seekers can sample the ‘longest zip line on any cruise ship at sea’ whizzing 130m across the length of the ship and guests of all ages can also embark on an adventure trail ropes course during their voyage. There is also the amazing five-level Aqua Park that is highly imaginative and unbelievably entertaining and it is one of the largest at sea.

The Aqua Park has five slides including Slide boarding, which is a waterslide with an interactive video game in one. This massive custom-designed multi-level Aqua Park was designed and built by the innovative, “WhiteWater West” of Canada.

Fun and games for the young ones at the Aqua Park


The huge multi-level Aqua Park located aft in the funnel housing

MSC cruises is collaborating with Samsung to offer guests smart features during their voyage including NFC bracelets and cruise cards which allow families to geo-locate their children.

Dining Experiences:

There are a host of Dining experiences spread over the ship. There are two main Restaurants, being the “Seashore Restaurant” on Deck 5, and the “Ipanema Restaurant” on Deck 6, whilst the “Marketplace Buffet” is on Deck 8, which has wide beachside Promenades on both sides.


Above & below: Here we see the spacious Marketplace Buffet, windows are featured

on three sides, overlooking the beachside promenades with ocean views


Up on Deck 16 is the Pan-Asian dining venue featuring menus that personally developed by Japanese-American Celebrity chef Roy Yamaguchi, part of which will feature four Teppanyaki grills preparing a variety of Thai, Korean and Japanese dishes including oysters, lobster, prawns and snow crab. There is a separate section reserved as a Sushi Restaurant, offering a host of dishes. Also open to passengers is a luxury Seafood restaurant, as well as a family pizza parlour.

Here we see part of the Pan-Asian Restaurant



Above & below: Here we see two views of the Shushi Bar


Also on Deck 16 is the specialty Steakhouse House where the beef will dry ages onboard the ship. This is a steakhouse at its very finest, offering big, thick and juicy steaks!

The Steak House


The beach theme of this unique ship is also carried across to the passenger accommodations, with a focus based on spaces large enough for families and groups looking to be accommodated close together. Among the stateroom selections will be:

Cluster cabins specially designed for families and groups. These require a crew steward to adapt them to suit the party, meaning they can be located almost anywhere on the ship.

14 Corner Aurea Suites in the aft corners of the ship are shaped like and feature furnishings reflecting a typical beachside apartment.

The stern section of the MSC Seaside, with the Pool aft on Deck 7

Terraced balcony staterooms offering a private outdoor space for guests to enjoy the sun and overlooking the central promenade.

As part of MSC’s partnership with Technogym there are two exclusive Wellness cabins that are available, and they are fitted out with advanced Kinesis fitness equipment for private use. These cabins will be priced as part of the line’s new Wellness-based price tier.

Luxury suites will featuring a two-person outdoor whirlpool and will be part of the higher-tier “MSC Yacht Club” price point. These staterooms will be located at the forward section of the ship, with guests also having access to a private solarium, an exclusive Lounge as well as their own Restaurant. Beach apartment-style staterooms will sit above a panoramic pool.

In Conclusion:

MSC is in the process the building of up to 11 next-generation smart ships that will come into service between 2017 and 2026. Mr. Gianni Onorato, CEO of MSC Cruises said in 2015 when the first of the “Seaside Class” of ships was ordered …

“The Seaside class of ships is part of MSC Cruises’ US$5.3 billion fleet expansion plan that will allow the company to double its capacity by 2022.”

But as we have already read above, MSC has done much more, having enlarged an updated dedicated berth and terminal especially for the “Seaside Class” of ships, as well as MSC Cruises’ Executive Chairman, Mr. Pierfrancesco Vago has signed a 100-year lease for a Bahamian Island with the counties Prime Minister Mr. Perry Christie, that will enable MSC Cruises to occupy and develop an Island.

The Island has been renamed by MSC “Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve.” This pristine paradise, is being superbly developed to suit cruise passengers, with the very best of facilities, including shops, restaurants and bars, as well as entertainment being widely available on the Island. But most sought after will be the 3.5km of pristine white sand beaches on the island.

Page Two contains the ships full Deck Plan, whilst her accommodations will be added as soon as they are available. A link is located below the “Specifications” & two Images.

Here we see a “to scale model” of the MSC Seaside


Name:…………………………………………………..MSC Seaside.

Builder:…………………………………………………Fincantieri, Monfalcone Italy.

Port of Registry:……………………………………Malta, Valleta.

Laid Down:…………………………………………..March 4, 2016.

Launched:…………………………………………….November 26, 2016.


Side Thrusters:…………………………………….10.

Inaugural Voyage:………………………………..December 1, 2017.

IMO Number:…………………………………………9745366.

Tonnage:……………………………………………… 154,000 GRT.

Length:………………………………………………….323m - 1,059.8ft.

Width:…………………………………………………..To be advised.

Draft:…………………………………………………….To be advised.

Accommodations:…………………………………5,179 passengers - all berths.

An aerial bow view of the MSC Seaside


Page Two: Accommodations & Deck Plan - Now online!



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