Coral Expeditions; small ship cruising beautiful remote regions of Australia, the Pacific, Papua New Guinea, Asia, and the Indian Ocean

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Coral Expeditions; small ship cruising beautiful remote regions of Australia, the Pacific, Papua New Guinea, Asia, and the Indian Ocean

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Please Note: Photographs in this feature were provided by Coral Expeditions, unless stated otherwise


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Meet the Newest Ship in the Fleet


The new Coral Geographer was christened in an official dockside ceremony attended by guests who were departing on her Maiden Voyage. In deference to Covid-19 concerns, there was no public ceremony. However, Coral Expeditions’ longest-serving employee, Purchasing Manager Gary Wun-Hym had the honour of christening the new vessel with a bottle of champagne. Gary has recently completed two decades of service with Coral Expeditions and has seen the evolution of the company from an operator of small catamarans on the Great Barrier Reef to a blue-water fleet capable of travelling the oceans of the world.

The Coral Geographer is the newer sister of the Coral Adventurer which entered service in 2019, although the new vessel has a number of improvements, such as 6 Bridge Deck Suites, compared to Adventurer’s 2 Suites. Further information and photographs will come online soon.


M.V. Coral Adventurer

The magnificent Coral Adventurer the flagship of the fleet

The newly constructed 5,599-tonne Expedition Ship entered service in April 2019, ans she was designed and built to be the most modern tropical Expedition Ship afloat. She is now the largest ship in the Coral Expeditions fleet, and she features the same stylish and much loved Australian interiors. She is the result of a culmination of two years of design and three decades of passion for expedition cruising. Thus she was purpose-built to take guests closer to unspoilt vistas in great style as well a in safety as she has her full international Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) standards and specifications registrations.

Another view of the Coral Adventurer

The luxurious Coral Adventurer accommodates 120 guests in 60 spacious Suites and Staterooms, all having ocean views, with two 55.8 sqm Suites up on Bridge Deck and two 21.4 sqm Staterooms on Bridge Deck and twenty eight on Explorer Deck all having private balconies. The remainder are 17 sqm Staterooms which are located on Promenade and Coral Decks, which have either picture window, whilst a few have two portholes. Obviously all rooms have Private facilities and so mach more, but full cabin details will be covered on the Ships Deck Plan and Accommodation page. And for interest, Wi-Fi is available in all guest areas.

The Coral Adventurer has over 1,000 sq m of open deck space including a wrap-around Promenade Deck with panoramic views.

Promenade Deck starboard side looking aft

There are multiple indoor and outdoor bars, including the Explorer Bar up on the Sundeck, a well-equipped Gym, and a Passenger Elevator, and she has “Active Stabilisers” to dampen sea motion, all of aforementioned creates an environment designed for comfort of the ships guests. There is no doubt that the Coral Adventurer has captured the unique requirements for both guests, and the ships crew.

Public Spaces:

Far forward up on Sundeck between her funnel and the forward mast is where you will find the delightful Explorer Bar, which is a perfect place to watch the sceanerary pass by as you socialise with new found friends with a drink.

The Explorer Bar is seen here during a travel agents ship inspection

Forward on Bridge Deck is the Bridge, which also contains the Observation Lounge on the starboard side of the ship, as the Bridge is open to the ships guests. For interest Engine Room tours are also available and there is a high level of crew interaction with guests throughout the cruise.

The Bridge

As we head past the two Suites and two Staterooms, through the Lobby with the stairwell and the Passenger Lift, we will enter the delightful Lounge and Bar.

The Lounge set up as a lecture venue, looking forward


The Lounge looking aft towards the bar and the aft deck

Aft of the Lounge is the Bridge Deck Bar, being a spacious deck with the Bar and there are many tables and chairs, this is just another popular location to spend some time and watch the wake of the ship whilst at sea.

The Bridge Deck Bar

One deck down amidships on Explorer Deck there is a Gym with three kinds of machines as well as other items and sessions available.

The Gym

We now head two decks down to Promenade Deck, where amidships is the Main Lobby and as we head aft we reach the ships Gift Shop and Pursers Desk on the portside, whilst on the starboard side is the open view Galley.

The see through Galley and the timbered Pursers Desk

Directly aft is the ships spacious Dining Room, which also has a spacious aft Deck for outdoor dinning as both Breakfast and Lunch are usually buffet style. Evening meal is A’ la Carte, with special Captain’s dinners and events held during all cruises.


Above & below: Two views of the Dining Room

On all Coral Expeditions ships meals are on an open seating basis & dine with whom you wish


Cuisine & Wine On board:

On the Coral Adventurer dining is a celebration of great food and good company enjoyed in extraordinary destinations. People and places are the key to enjoyable dining experiences, where food becomes the vehicle for conversation and creating memorable occasions. The Chef’s approach to cuisine is about simplicity and generosity, creating dishes bursting with flavour made from fresh ingredients sourced locally and sustainably wherever possible.

Group Executive Chef Barbara Genedics said that Coral Expeditions’ cuisine has a distinctly Australian accent influenced by the culinary landscape of regions visited. “Wonderful friends and unique locations will always enhance the eating experience, allowing the produce to speak for itself.”

“From Australia’s Kimberley, through to the exotic Spice Islands, New Guinea and islands of the South Pacific, we foster a community of local providores, farmers and growers. Our regional menus champion seasonality, allowing us to adapt our menus and source local produce at its seasonal best.”

“There is a curated wine cellar featuring boutique wines and exceptional vintage Australian reds.”

Included are the following:

All meals, chef-prepared onboard. Selected wines, beers, juices and soft drinks served with lunch and dinner. Also available is 24 hour barista-style coffee as well as tea. Other drinks are available for purchase outside of lunch and dinner.

Expedition capabilities:

The ship carries two trademark “Xplorer” tenders aft on Explorer Deck as the ships has a unique lift system that takes them down to the boarding level and passengers are able to walk onto the Xplorer from “Xplorer Boarding Deck” of the ship, once full it is then lowered on its platform down into the water. Whilst on most other vessels passengers board tenders that are afloat in the sea, thus there could well be movement, etc, thus Coral Expeditions has a completely new advanced system providing the ultimate comfort boarding these fine tenders! Photographs below show what I have described above.

The Coral Adventurer is seen with the two Xplorer’s firmly fitted aft on Explorer Deck

Note the aft opening, being where passengers board the Xplorer’s from inside the ship


Passengers boarding one of the Xplorer’s from the “Xplorer Boarding Deck”


An Xplorer heads off for another adventure

The two Xplorer’s are able to seat all passengers and take them on shore excursions. In addition, the ship also has six zodiacs for more intrepid exploration.


Although details and photographs of accommodations are located on the ships Deck Plan & Accommodation page, but all are outside-facing. All Suites and Staterooms have en-suite bathrooms, with the majority having a private balcony.

Specifications and details:

The 5,599-tonne Coral Adventurer has a length of 93.4 m, a width of 17.2 m, and a draught of just 4.5 m. Her Main Engine is by Caterpillar 3512C, and she has a “Rolls Royce Azimuth Pod” to power her along at a cruising speed of 13.5 knots. An Azimuth Pod is a system that is located at the stern instead of the traditional screw, or screws, and this unit rotates in any direction, thus giving the ship incredible manoeuvrability. She has a shallow draft and as already stated advanced navigation and propulsion systems allowing access to locations not accessible to larger cruise ships. But also for your comfort, the Coral Adventurer is fitted active stabilizers reducing roll in various sea conditions, making her the perfect ocean going expedition ship!

New Ship Due in November 2020:

Coral Expeditions announced in 2019, that an almost a sister ship to the “Coral Adventurer” would be built and she would commence sailing in November 2020, the name on her bow will be “Coral Geographer”. One major difference will be as follows; on Bridge Deck there will be six 37.5 sqm Balcony Suites, instead of two somewhat larger Suites and two Staterooms on the Adventurer. Otherwise, she will feature much the same loved interiors as found on the Coral Adventurer!

Due to Covid-19 she was finally christened on March 30, 2021

Brochure Available:

A brochure to the Coral Adventure and her new sister the Coral Geographer is available, including 2021/22 itineraries. Barrier Reef, Tasmania and other exciting Australian based cruises are now available.

For further information and bookings;

Use the Free Call (within Australia): 1800 079 545
or email:

In the past and will again when possible, destinations include: The small Islands of the Indian Ocean, Islands of Indonesia, Raja Ampat & Spice Islands, Exploring New Guinea, The Solomon’s & Vanuatu, New Zealand, Australian Circumnavigation, The Kimberley Cruise, Coastal Wilds of Tasmania, Cape York, Arnhem Land & Torres Strait, Australia’s West Coast and The Great Barrier Reef.

In conclusion:

A cruise on any Coral Expeditions ship will have you discovering some of the most incredible and fascinating destinations that will make the cruise much more than what can ever be expected! Without a doubt, the amazing Coral Expeditions small-ships offer the highest standard of equipment, technology and crew that will make the Coral Adventurer and her new sister Coral Geographer ideal for exploring the Indonesian archipelago, Papua New Guinea, the Kimberley coast, and Indian Ocean Islands.


Enter the Deck Plans and Accommodation Page for both ships


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