M/Y Aqua Blue is an ultra Modern Expedition Luxury Yacht with a Naval Heritage

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Deck Plan & Accommodations

If you have arrived at this page via a search engine, I suggest that you first read Page One, being the feature page covering this excellent 5-Star Luxury Expedition Yacht, it covers all her interiors. That page also covers the “Aqua Expeditions” story and their amazing Luxury River Ships in Asia and the Amazon! Use this link; Page One.

Deck Plan:

Below you will find M/Y Aqua Blu’s Deck Plan, revealing her complete lay-out, as well as revealing all her 15 Suites locations.



Suites aboard Aqua Blu:

This luxurious Expedition Yacht includes 15 individually designed ocean-facing Suites in 3 categories, each having premium furnishings that befit a Luxury Odyssey. Each Suite was designed to combine modern luxury with the ultimate of comfort.

All Aqua Blu Suites Offer:

Ensuite bathrooms with spacious walk-in shower plus overhead rain-shower, with natural organic hair and bath amenities, a spacious wardrobe with Electronic Safe

Cat I Suites:

Two Suites are located on Bridge Deck and three Suites on the Forecastle Deck.

Average area 25-31 square meters - 269-333 square feet).

King-size Bed configuration, sofas & Lounge areas (for selected suites), a walk-in wardrobe (for Suite 302).

Large round windows for Suite 301; large rectangular windows for other Cat I Suites.

Two interconnecting suites (Suite 401 and 402; Suite 301 and 302).


Above & below: Interconnecting Suites 301 & 302 on Bridge Deck


Cat II Suites:

Four Suites are located on Main Deck and three Suites on the Lower Deck.

Average area 22-31 square meters - 236-333 square feet.

King-size Bed or Twin Beds configuration, sofas & Lounge areas (for selected suites).

Oval windows for Suites 201, 202, 203, & 204.

Large Porthole windows for Suites 101, 104 & 105.


Above & below: Two views of Cat II Suites


Cat III Suites:

One Suite is located on Main Deck, whilst two Suites are on the Lower Deck.

Average area 12-14 square meters - 129-150 square feet.

Twin bed configuration only.

All Cat III suites have Porthole windows.

I am sorry no Image is available of a Cat III Suite at this time.


The magnificent 5 Star Luxury Yacht Aqua Blu

Join her, late in 2020, or 2021 when Covid-19 has finally ended



Watch two short Video’s produced by Aqua Expeditions re their new Aqua Blu

Video One & Video Two

A 1.55 minute video & A 2.30 minute video


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