Voyages to Antiquity MV Aegean Odyssey

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*The elegant MV Aegean Odyssey is seen berthed at the Cruise Terminal at Istanbul


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MV Aegean Odyssey

Page Two

Deck Plan, Accommodations & Ships Specifications

This page will reveal the delightful Deck Plan of the MV Aegean Odyssey, and as you will discover, she is a superbly laid out ship and so simple to navigate, and unlike those large cruise ships, you will never get lost! Her main Restaurant is located on Marco Polo Deck, being the lower deck, which does mean it is one of the most stable locations and thus an excellent location to dine. However, this brilliantly designed ship is fully stabilised and is an excellent oceangoing ship! Below I will first provide the Deck Plan, and although this page does show the smaller version, you can use the link provided and a new page will open and a much larger Deck Plan will open up for you.

1 … Deck Plan:

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The Aegean Odyssey is seen at anchor off one of the historic Greek Islands and

a number of her tenders has taken guests and historians ashore to tour these islands


2 … Accommodations:

Cabins are modern and intelligently designed with the majority having an ocean view. In addition, some 39 cabins across a range of grades, including a number of balcony cabins, are set aside for solo travellers at special low supplement. All cabins have Satellite TV’s, a Phone, Hair Dryer, a Bar Fridge and a Personal Safe. Below are just some of the grades available from the Owners Suite to an Inside Cabin. Yet, all rooms have private facilities, with a Bath, with an overhead shower, or a walk in shower!

B Grade Owners Suite - Twin/Double Bedded Outside:

Lido Deck.


Above & below: Here we see the superb Lounge Dinning Room, then the Bedroom  and below the layout of this fine Owners Suite



This is a grand 550 sq ft Owners Suite located on Lido Deck and they have marble bathrooms, a dressing area, separate lounge and private balcony. The bedroom has convertible twin beds, and these two suites offer every possible luxury imaginable.


B Grade Junior Suite - Twin/Double Bedded Outside:

Lido Deck.


Above & below: Here we see one of the fine a fine Junior Suites


These fine 310 sq ft Junior Suites are located on Lido Deck and have marble bathrooms, walk-in closet, a lounge area, a balcony, as well as convertible twin beds, which become queen sized if required.


C & D Grades – Twin /Double Bed Deluxe Balcony Staterooms

Lido, Bridge & Belvedere Decks.


Above & below; These fine Balcony Staterooms have everything you need for an enjoyable experience at sea!

Category D on Belvedere deck is the lowest priced Balcony Stateroom and it is shown here & it is great value


275 sq ft staterooms located on Bridge & Belvedere Deck, with a bath and an overhead shower, or walk-in shower, there is a lounge  area and private balcony. Staterooms will have a fixed double bed, or separate twins or convertible twins, pending on the stateroom selected.


E Grade - Twin bedded Outside:

Belvedere Deck.


Above & below: Although the Stateroom tends to look rather small in the image above, but it is deceiving

As we can see below, it has a lounge area a desk and spacious bathroom, thus it is roomier than it seems


These 215 sq ft Staterooms are located on Belvedere Deck and have a Private bath, with an overhead shower, or walk-in shower. Convertible twin beds make up a double bed. Cabins 556 and 563 are a little smaller and have a fixed double bed but do have a balcony.


F Grade Twin bedded Outside:

Bridge & Belvedere Decks.

These 170-200 sq ft Staterooms are located on Belvedere and Bridge Decks and have a Private bath, with an overhead shower, or walk-in shower. Many have convertible twin beds, whilst others have a fixed double bed. Cabins 535 and 536 have fixed twin beds only.


H Grade Twin bedded Outside:

Bridge, Belvedere & Columbus Bridge Decks.

A Premium outside Cabin of 130 sq ft, located on Belvedere and Columbus Decks. These rooms have fixed twin beds, with private bathroom and a shower.


I, K & M Grade Twin bedded Inside:

Various Decks.

These are Premium interior (inside) Cabins of 130 sq ft, located on a number of Decks. These rooms have fixed twin beds, with private bathroom and a shower.


Specifications MV Aegean Odyssey:


Operator:                            VOYAGES TO ANTIQUITY.

IMO Nr:                              7225910.

Call Sign:                            9HA2404.

Classification:                      Lloyd’s Register Society London.

Registration:                       Malta.

Tonnage:                            12,094 GRT.

Engines:                             Two 4SA 14 Cylinder Pielsick-Crossley 4PC2V-400 diesels.

Power:   10.154kW/13.803HP.

Propellers:                          Two.

Speed:                               18 knots cruising speed.

Length:                               461ft - 140.51m.

Beam:                                67ft - 20.42m.

Draught:                             20ft - 6.10m.No:   7225910.

Decks:                                8 decks total.

.                                       7 passenger decks.

Passengers:                         350, or up to 380 maximum.

Crew:                                 180.




For further information, I suggest that you go online and simply do a search for VOYAGES TO ANTIQUITY, and choose the .au, .nz or the country you reside in site. In you are after a brochure, you will not the link obtain ‘Brochures’, and there are a number to download and view, or to have posted, including the new 2019 brochure.

But for reservations, I do highly recommend that you see a good qualified Cruise & travel Agent who has experience in Cruising, for they will know a great deal and also you will receive service, which you will not if you book online, or direct with the shipping company! Having been in the passenger shipping industry since 1960, I know a great deal, and also know what is best!

General enquiries to VTA Australia;


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MV Aegean Odyssey seen again berthed at a tropical location somewhere on earth, from the

Mediterranean to Asia will you be there exploring the beauty of the many countries she visits?



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