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Please Note: Cruise-Australia and my other related maritime sites are 100% non-commercial and privately owned sites. Please be assured that I am NOT associated with any cruise company or any travel or cruise agency, etc! The author has been in the Passenger Shipping industry for a very long time and although I am now retired, but I am delighted to continue to share my vast knowledge with those who love to take their vacation by sea! Thus I continue to write on worthy Cruise Companies and their wonderful ships in order to better to inform cruise and ship enthusiasts for their pleasure, but more so to ensure that you, my wonderful readers will make the best-informed choice possible on which ship will be just right for you!

Cunard Lines offers the elegant World Cruise Ships and the Queen Mary 2 is one of the finest!

She is seen here berthed at the “International Passenger Terminal” at Sydney during her World Cruise

In 2016 she received a A$177 million Dollar refurbishment providing this fine ship with many fine improvements

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Welcome to a website that has been in operation since the early 1990’s and it has been designed especially for the Australian cruise traveller as it has certainly become one of the world’s fastest growing markets! Considering I have personally been in the Passenger Shipping Industry since May 1960, having commenced from a humble office boy, having worked up to a manager, being the CEO of a Cruise Company, I certainly know a great deal about the cruise industry which I love greatly! Although I retired back in the mid 1980s, I continued as a non-profit Cruise & Ship Reviewer and as a well-known Maritime Historian around the world, but whenever I take a cruise, and be assured that I always pay my full fares, for I do not believe in freebies! My only aim has been to provide my knowledge to all those who are seeking the right cruise ship for their needs, and to review the ships that are currently in operation!

Amazingly, as always, whenever I board a ship soon enough someone will callout my name, this is due to so many having met me either on another cruise, or they are readers of one of my various cruise/maritime sites, and some even tell me, “We joined this cruise because we read that you would be on-board!” On Holland America Line and P&O UK ships I always discover that there are many International passengers on board, hailing from a good number of countries, and they will have flown from their home to join the ship either in Sydney or at one or another port. Thus whilst I was on those cruises, I met countless of my wonderful International readers and supporters from Asia, America, Canada, UK, Germany, the Netherland’s, South Africa and New Zealand and Australia of course!

-The author is seen whilst on one of his many cruises.

Changes: Some of my supporters I have met on cruises as well as those who have emailed me over the year, have made a number of recommendations in relation to make certain changes to the site, and as you can see, I have! In addition to having worked in this industry for over 57 years, in the 1980’s there was also the creation of a new Cruise Line, and the name I created continues to operate to this day, being one of the major cruise companies. To date I have now enjoyed well over 245 Cruises and Line Voyages, but to be honest some were very, very good, but have to be honest, I also suffered some, therefore I feel very confident that I do know the difference between what is a good Cruise Ship, and what is not. Therefore I hope to provide information on an excellent cruise or expedition experience, one that suits you the best!

For interest, during the past ten years I have enjoyed more than 40 cruises with a variety of cruise companies with some cruises being termed as being “Line Voyages” as well as complete “Around the World Voyages” and countless shorter cruises varying in length, but never shorter than 12 nights! Cruise Companies that I have enjoyed most are P&O World Cruises (UK), Holland America Line (HAL), Princess Cruises and other luxury Cruise Companies, but also two most enjoyable voyages in fine suites, from Fremantle to the UK onboard the 1948 built ex MS Stockholm, then the Classic International Cruises’ MV Athena. However, my most recent cruises were in August 2016 and December, and a superb PNG cruise on the Pacific Aria in February 2017. This ex Holland America Ship provided quite a surprise for it was really an excellent cruise indeed and I rated it very highly for a P&O Cruises Australia ship! A cruise review can be found down the page!

In Closing:

To date my three main Classic Liner and Cruise Sites being: & & .net have received an amazing 519.94 million readers. Therefore, I wish to thank my readers/supporters from Australia, New Zealand, throughout Asia, and from all over the world for your wonderful emails, for it is through the emails many of us have become such good friends. I have been delighted to have been able to guide you and others regarding the ship that has proved to be the most suitable for your next cruise vacation. Thus, thank you for you responses as they have been most encouraging, and I am grateful for your ongoing support!

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Reuben Goossens.

Maritime Historian, Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer, Author & Lecturer.

Commenced in the Passenger/Cruise Shipping Industry in 1960.

Latest Cruise News

P&O’s New Pacific Explorer has Arrived

The exciting all new MV Pacific Explorer has arrived in Sydney, and she is now P&O’s largest cruise ship and officially their Flagship. Having been named on June 19, 2017 she has commenced cruising around the South Pacific and other exciting destinations!

Having been extensively refurbished in Singapore, she features countless new and exciting Lounges and Bars, as well as Theatres, Showrooms and Nightclubs, but even more exciting is the vast variety of free Dinning Venues available to guests, as well as some wonderful optional dinning restaurants as well of course, but there has never been this much choice! In addition, for the very first time for a P&O ship, a magnificent children’s Waterpark is housed within the louvered funnel casing, and there are two Water Slides that are four decks high located aft of the funnel!


Above & below: The three level Atrium offers the Reception, Tours Desk, Restaurants

Boutiques, a Shop, Bars, Charlie’s Café and the wonderful new 400-Gradi Pizzeria



A new exclusive venue for the Pacific Explorer, the “Hotel Explorer” Lounge and Bar located on

Promenade Deck (7). Here there will be fun during the day and musinc and dancing at night


This is the new “The Bonded Store” being a Bar, which is in association with the award-winning “Archie Rose Distilling Co”

Every Cocktail or Drink served in this beautiful and elegant venue will feature Archie Rose’s handcrafted spirits.

It is indeed a first on an Australian-based cruise ship


Visit my … MV Pacific Explorer feature, containing many interior & exterior photographs


The New P&O Cruises 2017 to 2019 Brochure is now available from your friendly licensed Cruise/Travel Agency



NEW - Pacific Aria Two Reviews: Recently I returned from two delightful cruises on the MV Pacific Aria, the first was in August & September and I then decided to do a short cruise early in December, which was followed up by and amazing 14 Day Papua New Guinea Cruise in February 2017. Whilst aboard in August I commenced to write my first review, and wrote a new one for the February cruise, being such a spectacular voyage of an amazing nation, which is really worth while visiting, and by cruise ship is the best way! For those who live in Northern NSW, Brisbane and Queensland, the Pacific Aria is ideal for those who prefer a ship that is not over crowded, for it is a more intimate ship, with never more that 1,500 passengers aboard, but more often with around 1,200 to 1,300 passengers aboard! To Enter the two Reviews CLICK the Image below or just click HERE.

Two Cruise Reviews; 18-Day South Pacific in August 2016 & 14-Day PNG in February 2017



A Bright & New Refurbished MV Pacific Dawn
Arrives Home to Brisbane on March16, 2017

The refurbished Pacific Dawn, which arrived home to Brisbane to recommence her

schedules as a wonderful new style of cruise ship! Enter her NEW feature HERE



The Italian MSC Cruises MV MSC Seaside is the first of a brand new class for MSC Cruises, being the aptly named “Seaside Class.” The 154,000-ton, 5,179 Guest cruise ship is the first of two in construction. The second ship will be named MSC Seaview, she is due to be launched in June 2018, and there is an option for a third ship in 2021 that should be launched in December 2017.

An aerial view of the MSC Seaside

It is also significant that the MSC Seaside will be christened and named, as well as be home ported year-round in Miami, USA, underlining the European-based line’s commitment to the American market. MSC Seaside will not just be the first MSC ship to be christened in the U.S., but also be given an English name.

The “Seaside Class” of ships is part of the privately owned cruise line’s €9 billion fleet expansion plan that will permit the company to double its capacity by 2026, with two further even larger ships on order.

Each ship, is to be built at Italy's Fincantieri shipyard, and they will have 463,000 square feet of public space, encompassing panoramic elevators with sea views, suspended glass floors, a giant aqua park and a low-level very wide outdoor promenade filled with shops, bars and alfresco dining. MSC Seaside will offer the largest ratio of outdoor space of any cruise ship at sea today! The “Seaside Class” is the largest cruise ships ever to be built in Italy. But what is so unique about this class of ship is that she is likened to a floating Condo and Resort at sea, and if you look at her aft superstructure, it was infect inspired by a typical Miami “Beach Condo” concept, and thus she brings her guests and the ocean closer.

Above the South Beach pool are 14 “Aurea Suites” featuring furnishings reflecting a typical Miami beachside apartment

Our new feature covers all her details, as well as her maiden voyage from Italy to Miami in December 2017, her 7-night itineraries from Miami and countless photographs/images as well as her full Deck Plan on Page Two!

Enter the all NEW MSC Seaside Feature


MV Majestic Princess bound for Sydney

April 12: Princess Cruises has announced that their brand new ship recently having only just commenced her maiden voyage, the 143,000-tonne Majestic Princess will be the largest Princess ship ever to based in Australian waters. She is due to arrive into Sydney Harbour on September 18, 2018, and be based there until March 2019.

Majestic Princess is seen here having just been delivered at the Monfalcone Shipyards on March 30, 2017

Photograph provided by & © princess Cruises


For full details of the New MV Majestic Princess Feature online!

Below my “Important Note” you will find they official LINK to the Cruise-Australia Website Index, and there you will find countless ships from many company’s. If you have a question in regard a ship, or which ship / cruise company will suit you the best, email me via link below.

An Important Note on HOW to Book Your Cruise: I highly recommend that go and see a Good and a Long Established fully Registered Travel-Cruise Agency for information, bookings and you will obtain the best possible cruise fares from them as well as service until you are about to depart!

Sadly I have found that booking direct through the cruise companies, be it online or per phone that 1. You will not always obtain the best fare. 2. And sadly you will not receive any service, this is due that the staff on the phone is usually located in the Philippines, or other countries, and they have very little knowledge of the product and thus know little to nothing about the actual ship you wish to sail on.

I discovered myself when I booked with Princess Cruises, and believe me it was a most harrowing experience for I only booked it online for there was a special with a time limit and I had to book it that day, and it was a weekend. The truth is that yet I never received the special fare, and yet I am a Platinum Club Member, the highest level with Princess. I find it very sad so sad to say, but the Carnival computer systems and land-based staff are without a doubt the worst I have ever experienced and I do mean, P&O and Holland America Line as well! As most will know, although long retired, I have been in the Passenger Shipping/Cruise trade since 1960 and the cruise industry service is frankly woeful!

Therefore, do yourself a huge favour, and go and see a good Cruise / Travel Agent who knows the cruise industry well, forf they will look after your interest and ensure you get the best fare possible, etc!

Reuben Goossens.

Maritime Historian, Cruise‘n’Ship Reviewer, Author & Lecturer.

Commenced in the Passenger/Cruise Shipping Industry in 1960.

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